Bloodies are Thicker than Beer

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m the type of person who orders a bloody no matter the time—10 in the morning, or 10 at night, there is no bad time for a bloody.

[Related: I’m also the one who bartenders often lie to in order to get out of making them in those later hours, “We’re out of tomato juice,” they’ll say.]

My Facebook albums are filled with photos of the drinks and I even own a pair of Bloody Mary earrings. I live for The Tomato Romp, a Milwaukee festival dedicated to my beloved beverage. I’ve made a pilgrimage to the St. Regis Hotel in NYC, the supposed site of the drink’s invention.

I tell you all of this as my “credentials” for what I’m about to embark on—a bloody awesome journey reviewing the best & the worst for you here.



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