Wauwatosa, WI: ABV Social

Posted: October 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dear loyal readers…. first of all, let us apologize for the hiatus! We are still active and drinking bloody marys! We just haven’t had a lot of new ones to review lately, nor a lot of time to give them a proper a write-up.

But we’re ba-aack!

Earlier this month we sampled the Bloody Maria at ABV Social in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


While we’re sure they would have made us a Bloody Mary if we had asked, we ordered the Bloody Maria as it was featured on the menu.

As you can see from the photo above, we were pretty disappointed with the result.

Spice: Decent flavor; a little spicier with the tequila.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s: Nothing!

Price: $10!

We want to like this place, really, we do, but it’s not going so well. On this particular visit, a dining companion had to order three beers before they actually had one in stock that was on their menu. (“Sorry, we’re all out of that one.” “Oh, and that one, too…”)

This expensive Bloody Maria with no fixin’s and sans chaser may have been the final strike for us on ABV Social. Too many other places to go with better offerings and better service.

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