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Damn Good Bloody Mary Mix

I’d like to thank the kind folks at Damn Good Bloody Mary Mix for sending me a bottle of their new mix to review on the blog!

I will start by saying that I don’t often make my own Bloodies at home, usually because I don’t often have all of the accoutrements on hand, but also because there are so many Bloodies to try and so little time!

When I do make ‘em, I usually buy Jimmy Luv’s or Zing Zang and I’ve even used V8 in a pinch, but I was super-excited to try something new, especially with this billing.

Damn Good is all-natural and gluten-free.

Mix: Texture was very creamy and thick. I added Rehorst Vodka and mixed in a shaker.(Note: Damn Good recommends American Revolution Vodka.)

Spice: Not very spicy, but I detected a hint of horseradish and in fact, the overall flavoring reminded me of cocktail sauce- in a good way.

Chaser: A swig of Miller Lite. Fixin’s: I added a celery stalk, some pickled asparagus (thanks, Rose!), and two bleu cheese stuffed olives.

Price: $5.97 for 32oz. It is currently only available in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, but you can also order it online, here (min. order is 2 bottles).

Verdict: Damn Good is not a misnomer; I’d drink this again! And, by the way,  restating what I said above (realizing I sound like the most interesting man in the world): I don’t usually make Bloodies at home, but when I do, they’re Damn Good.

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