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On my first day in Sydney, I stopped in at a funky little place called Darlo Bar.

I asked if they had Bloodies and was pleased when the bartender said yes—and asked if I liked them spicy.

This was made with a homemade mix and Belvedere Vodka. It had a little kick to it, but it was a unique kick, not sure that it was Tobasco.

Fixin’s and chasers are literally foreign here, so none of that was to be expected; a stalk of celery and you’re good to go.

One other interesting tidbit is that the bartender inquired as to whether I would like “35ml of vodka or 50.” I am also quickly learning that drinks here do NOT come cheap.

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Continuing my travels, I was facing a long 15-hour flight from LAX to Sydney on Virgin Australia when the flight attendant asked what I would like to drink.

Of course, I asked for a Bloody Mary. She asked me if tomato juice and vodka would be okay. That being my best option, I said yes.

So, I had the barest of Bloodies somewhere out over the ocean—not even any salt or pepper added—-and I have to say it really wasn’t that bad!

However, the fact that they didn’t even have any mix on board didn’t bode well for me in the land down under… stay tuned for more adventures!