75th Street Inn

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today, I played golf in Kenosha. I’m not too familiar with the bar/restaurant scene in the area, so I searched online and decided to head to the 75th Street Inn in nearby Salem, Wisconsin.

I asked for a Bloody Mary and was asked if I wanted a specific vodka in the drink and also if I wanted a chaser. (No to both questions today.)


Spice: Not too spicy at all.

Mix: The mix, I learned, is homemade. They use pickle juice and olive juice, plus Sacramento tomato juice and other spices.

Chaser: Offered, but refused.

Fixin’s: Pickle & Two Olives

Price: $6

Decent bloody. Extra points for using Sacramento and for the salted rim.

The waitress came back to ask if I would like another. I declined, but inquired about the mix (doing my due diligence for the blog!). She explained that it was homemade (see above) and I told her it was good.

A dining companion then piped up that I run this blog. She became more interested then and asked whether I had a “regular bloody or the special bloody”.

“Special bloody?” I asked.

She showed me a photo on a back of a menu:


Yes, this looks amazing (and quite similar to some other bloodies I’ve reviewed…), so next time, I’ll have to make sure to check it out!

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