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While in North Carolina, I was checking out the Main Street in Highlands and was told they had just gotten a new pub called the Ugly Dog. We checked it out and it’s a very cute little place with a fun vibe. Of course, I had to try the Bloody!

Spice: Not very.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  Lime and two olives

Price: Unknown

This Bloody was good, but nothing special. In a small town like this where you’re basically the only bar, you could really stand out/make a name for yourself by adding some fixin’s or something unique. Next time I’m in town, I’m expecting more from you, Ugly Dog!

Due South

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While in Georgia, I was fortunate enough to dine at a relatively new restaurant called Due South in Peachtree City. Known for their unique spin on Southern cuisine, this Bloody did not disappoint.

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Unsure, but they used bacon-infused vodka

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  Celery, Shrimp, Olive, Okra, Lime

Price: $9.50

This Bloody was very good and I liked the Southern flare (especially the mason jar—nice touch!), but pretty pricey in my opinion. I’d definitely return to this establishment again and it’s something you should check out if you’re in the area.

Last week, I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia and Highlands, North Carolina.

I had the chance to sample several different bloodies so that I can review them for you, here.

I’m going to start with three bloodies that most folks probably won’t get to try and then separate posts on ones from establishments you can visit if you’re ever in the area.

Planterra Ridge Golf Course—Peachtree City, GA

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s: A lemon & a image

lime and that’s it.

Price: Unsure.

This was a pretty basic bloody. It wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t anything to write home about (or spend much time on for the blog)—NEXT!

Dave’s Bloody Mary—Peachtree City, GA

Now my father-in-law knows I like Bloody Marys and shares in my appreciation of the beverage to a certain degree, so he could tell I was a little disappointed after the Planterra experience. When we got home that evening, he whipped up some of his famous Bloodies for me.

Spice: A nice kick.

Mix: Zing Zang mix with Tito’s Vodka.

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Cheese, olives, okra, pickle

Price: Free!

Highland Falls Country Club—Highland Falls, NC

After visiting relatives in Georgia, it was time to drive up to Highland Falls, North Carolina to visit more relatives up in the mountains. After playing the Highland Falls Country Club (and winning first place in team scramble might I add), we were treated to an awesome seafood dinner and of course, a Bloody Mary.


Spice: Not very.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: A lime—that’s all! 

Price: Unsure

Like the Bloody at Planterra, this one was nothing to write home about. Just a very basic Bloody that I probably could have lived my life never having. On to the next!

So there you have it—my next two posts will be about the Bloodies I enjoyed at Due South in Peachtree City, GA and Ugly Dog Pub in Highlands, North Carolina. Stay tuned!

Once upon a time in a town called Brookfield, there used to be a bar called Sluggo’s.

While Sluggo’s had it’s share of regulars, one day in 2012, Sluggo’s was sold and became Ella’s Barstaurant. Ella’s was known for their $3 Build Your Own Bloody Bar on Sundays, featuring Bloodies that could look like this:

imageOne day not more than a year later, Ella’s closed and became Sluggo’s once again.

Somewhat confusing, I know.

Anyway, I went to Sluggo’s today to check it out (again) and, much to my chagrin, realized the $3 Bloody Special was not carried over. Here’s what the Bloody I got looked like:


Let’s check out the stats:

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: I believe they still use Sacramento (yay!)

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:Pickle and two olives

Price: $5

Pretty darn disappointing when you go craving the first photo above now, wouldn’t you think?

It is my understanding that the original owner of Sluggo’s and owner of the building had sold the business a few years ago. Then, Ella’s took over the business aspect. When Ella’s closed up, the original owner (who still owns the building) re-opened Sluggo’s. (Again, confusing, I know). Anyway, much of the staff remains in place, including the main bartender; I spoke with him today and he tells me that he hopes to bring the Bloody Mary special back for Packers games this fall. I hope they do because if so, I will be back. If not, it’s onward!

PS- Slightly off-topic, but Sluggo’s used to be known for giant pretzels as well. The new menu features pretzel bites, but they managed to whip these up for us upon request. Let’s hope these find themselves back on the menu along with the BYO Bloodies!

Another Bloody Mary Bucket List!

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Earlier, I wrote about my first experience at Colonel Hart’s. Another Wauwatosa bar I had never made it into was Shepherd’s and, unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows), I never will. That’s because this bar on North Avenue has recently re-opened as Sherbrooke, a bar/restaurant with a French Canadian flair.

While their food choices were plentiful and unique (poutine!), I was also happy to see they had a choice of Bloody Marys on the menu:


I tried the Garlic Basil Bloody on my first visit because I thought it sounded the most unique and I was also enjoying dinner at the time.

Spice: Definitely garlicky!

Mix: Unknown; I have learned that I do enjoy house-infused vodka though!

Chaser: Yes

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olives, Lemon & Lime

Price: $8

I went into Sherbrooke with extremely low expectations (I had avoided Shepherd’s so long for a reason—I didn’t let myself believe Sherbrooke would make a drastic improvement), but they were exceeded. Surprisingly good fare for a place most people will still likely consider a bar.

I’ll definitely be back and hope to try their brunch—and another Bloody—on a weekend.

Industri Cafe

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Last weekend, after much prompting, I finally visited Industri Cafe in Milwaukee. I’ve been told my numerous people that their Bloody is the best and, sure enough, when I showed up, there was much ado about their Bloody:

Even their website says, “Wisconsin’s Biggest and Best Bloody Mary.  This 24 ounce mammoth is a salad & an appetizer in a glass!  It comes with everything, but the kitchen sink.”

I thought all of this was pretty bold to begin with, but then I saw that they were also handing out postcards featuring the beverage!


<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p>Had to come to <a href=””>@industri_cafe</a&gt; to try <a href=”;src=hash”>#MKEBestBloody</a&gt;. I will be the judge of that on <a href=””></a&gt;! [pic]: <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Caitlin Moyer (@Cmoyer) <a href=””>August 3, 2013</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8”></script>

After enjoying a delicious dinner and draining the 24oz glass, I have to say this Bloody was pretty darn good…but BEST? That’s a pretty bold statement.

Let’s check out the stats:

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: Yes—I choose a cider!

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Beefstick, Cheese Curd, Olives, Pickle, Mushroom, Onions, Pepper, Deep-Fried Prawn

Price: $13

This was a delicious Bloody and I’ll definitely be back to Industri, but I’m a little hesitant to bestow any awards. For one, it’s pretty pricey compared to most (although it is almost the size of two drinks) and two, while they had a lot of fixin’s, I felt they could have been a little more creative….And I was not a fan of the deep-fried prawn, I would have preferred a skewer of raw shrimp instead.

If you love Bloodies, you should definitely put this on your list and make your own decisions!

One of the best Bloodies I’ve ever had was at Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago. Seriously, I’ve considered getting up early some morning and driving there just to have a couple of Bloodies, but then I realized I probably couldn’t drive back right away.

So anyway, when I found myself in Chicago for Brewers-Cubs game and some time to spare, I had a Bloody Mary at the Rockit nearby.

Granted, this was a Tuesday and far from the $5 Bloody Mary Brunch, but I was very disappointed.

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime

Price: $10

For half-price, you can get access to the most amazing BYO Bloody Bar I’ve ever seen on a Saturday or Sunday. I would definitely hold off until then; not worth it at all for this subpar drink on a regular day. For what it’s worth, I had originally visited the location on Hubbard. The one I visited most recently was in Wrigleyville. Shouldn’t make a difference, but that may have contributed to the experience.

Beer Belly’s

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On Sunday, at a friend’s recommendation (from an advertisement he had seen), I visited Beer Belly’s, a bar/restaurant located near the airport.

Spice: Average (they did not ask whether I wanted it spicy or not)

Mix: Made from scratch

Chaser: Miller Lite

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olives, Beef, Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Wing

Price: $7.99

This was a 26 oz house-made drink and the mix was very good (I found out they use the Sacramento Tomato Juice—figures!).The unique items (egg & chicken wing) make it memorable and the price is certainly reasonable, considering this is almost two drink Bloodies in one. I’d definitely come back here again. Great job, Beer Belly’s!

I’ve lived in/near Tosa for basically my whole life, yet I’ve never set foot in Colonel Hart’s until a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, I had to try their Bloody Mary:


As you can see, it was pretty average.

Spice: Average

Mix: Unknown

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olive, Lemon & Lime

Price: $6

There was nothing wrong with the Bloody or my Colonel Hart’s experience, but there wasn’t anything that really made the experience stand out either. Everything was pretty standard. I think I’ll stick with my established favorite neighborhood haunts.