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Earlier, I wrote about my first experience at Colonel Hart’s. Another Wauwatosa bar I had never made it into was Shepherd’s and, unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows), I never will. That’s because this bar on North Avenue has recently re-opened as Sherbrooke, a bar/restaurant with a French Canadian flair.

While their food choices were plentiful and unique (poutine!), I was also happy to see they had a choice of Bloody Marys on the menu:


I tried the Garlic Basil Bloody on my first visit because I thought it sounded the most unique and I was also enjoying dinner at the time.

Spice: Definitely garlicky!

Mix: Unknown; I have learned that I do enjoy house-infused vodka though!

Chaser: Yes

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olives, Lemon & Lime

Price: $8

I went into Sherbrooke with extremely low expectations (I had avoided Shepherd’s so long for a reason—I didn’t let myself believe Sherbrooke would make a drastic improvement), but they were exceeded. Surprisingly good fare for a place most people will still likely consider a bar.

I’ll definitely be back and hope to try their brunch—and another Bloody—on a weekend.

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