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We told you we’re back! This week we also visited Who’s On Third in Milwaukee and sampled their Bloody Mary.

Photo Nov 01, 2 42 54 PM

Spice & Mix: Although the mix was from a bottle (we aren’t sure which mix exactly), we were impressed by the bartender’s skills in crafting the drink to make it unque–and delicious. She added worcestershire, sriracha sauce and probably a few other things that we had to look up spellings for, as she doctored up the mix. We even watched her taste-test the drink (safely! No sips from the glass or straw, don’t worry) to make sure it was up to her standards.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s: Bacon, Cheese and Beefstick

Price: $Unknown. We were here for a work event and were given a free drink ticket, so I’m not sure what they charge regularly.

This bloody mary was excellent and we would surely order another if we were to stop back in here again; however, this particular bartender seemed to take pride in her work and clearly had her own recipe, so I’m not sure the beverage would be replicated precisely if someone else were to craft it for us.

While it was delicious, we probably wouldn’t drive all the way down to Old World Third Street and fight the crowds and parking to get it, but kudos to the bartender at this establishment nonetheless! We are impressed. You go girl.


Recently, I had the chance to go to 9 Below, a min-golf tavern located 9-feet below ground on Milwaukee’s East Side.

Not only do you get to play mini-golf while enjoying drinks in a fun, bar-type setting, but you also get to design your own mini-golf course, using various obstacles and items to make each hole unique. You also get to name each hole and set a “par.”

While my colleagues and I enjoyed this fun, teambuilding exercise away from the office, I also enjoyed a Bloody Mary from the bar at 9 Below:

Photo Nov 01, 11 16 14 PM

Spice & Mix: The mix was Major Peter’s and it was very tasty.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s: My drink had four olives and a lemon and lime. I saw a couple other coworkers that scored a beef stick though!

Price: $Unknown. As this was a work event, we were given a free drink ticket, so I’m not sure what they charge regularly.

The verdict? While I would not come here especially for the Bloody Mary or to just drink at their bar (I don’t even know if you can), I would definitely recommend 9 Below as a fun place to host a very unique group outing. And while you’re there, if you order a bloody like I did, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

We recently visited Point Burger Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Happy Hour.

Point Burger Bar combines top-notch burgers along with beer from Steven’s Point Brewery (hence the name).

The restaurant is headed up by local restaurateur Brian Ward, owner of Ward’s House of Prime and was inspired by burger bars in Las Vegas.

A licensing agreement with Stevens Point Brewery, a Wisconsin brewery with a history that dates back to 1857, lends both their name and their beer to the fast casual dining spot.

The bar features 30 taps, 25 of which are Point products, along with over 60 bottled brews and a full selection of spirits; it also has a great Happy Hour.

On a separate occasion we dined here for lunch and built our own burgers, but the next time we knew we had to try out the drinks, so we came for the Happy Hour.

Although the bloodies weren’t on the special, you know we just had to test drive ’em anyway. For you, of course.

Point Burger Bar Bloody Mary

Mix: Sacramento

Chaser: Yes

Fixin’s: Bacon, Olive, Cheese, Pickle

Price: $11

While Point Burger Bar gets “points” for using our favorite mix, the chaser, cheese and bacon, it gets docked for the hefty price tag, in our opinion. We knew the bloodies weren’t on the Happy Hour special, but we didn’t expect to pay $11 a pop. That’s a problem when they’re so good you order two and get saddled with a $22 bill when you didn’t even eat real food!

We’d suggest knocking the price back to a more reasonable $7 or $8, which seems more on par with similar bloodies in the marketplace. Or, hey, you’re a Burger Bar. We’d gladly pay the $11 if you slapped on a slider or two, like Milwaukee Burger Co., AJ Bombers or Sobleman’s before you.






We checked out the new Drink Wisconsinbly Pub in Walker’s Point. As the name suggests, everything here has a Wisconsin flair. And, since we’ve proven that the best Bloody Marys come from the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular, one would imagine a place like this would have a great one.

You would not be wrong.

Drink Wisconsinbly Bloody

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: yes

Fixin’s: Cheese, olive, sausage, lemon, lime

Price: $10

Sometimes on the weekend, they will have “Bloody Marys keep the glass” for $12, which would be worth it as this mason jar style glass is super cute. Wish we would’ve been there for that!

The food here is also very Wisconsin and very good. Think hearty, meaty, cheesy fare. We had a burger and fries, plus we got to pick our dipping sauce. There are currently five different sauces on the menu and you can get a sauce flight if you’re so inclined. (We went with beer cheese!)

I recommend you check this place out and give their Bloody–and food–a try!




Back in Milwaukee, we checked out Camino and tried their Bloody Mary.


Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Cheese, pickle, olive

Price: $8

We really enjoyed the taste of this Bloody Mary, as well as the fixin’s and the chaser. The food here was great, too.

I recommend you check this place out and give their Bloody a try!




We recently visited Hom Woodfired Grill in Glendale, Wis. We had never visited this location, although we’ve dined at the Hom in Brookfield before (yet somehow didn’t try the bloody mary!).

Over the holidays, we had some time off of work, so found ourselves there for lunch on a Monday as we took cover during a snowstorm. It was pretty quiet inside the restaurant, but it was warm and cozy.  We found the food delicious and comforting and the Bloody Mary fantastic.

Hom woodfired grill bloody mary


MIX: Housemade

CHASER: Rhinelander Shorty

FIXIN’S: Lime, lemon, pickle, bean, olive, meat and cheese

PRICE: $Unsure

HOM is a Wisconsin-owned and focused restaurant and I love that this was also reflected in the bloody mary. The drink had a nice overall flavor and a surprising amount of fixin’s. The Rhinelander Shorty put it over the top.

If you ever find yourself at Bayshore Mall, be sure to stop in at Hom, have a drink and stay for lunch or dinner!

We recently visited Mad Rooster Cafe on Miller Park Way in Milwaukee.


We’ve previously enjoyed both breakfast and lunch at this establishment, but had not had the pleasure of trying their “Mad Mary,” described on the menu as “our special blend of homemade bloody mary with Smirnoff vodka, unbelievably garnished! A meal in itself!”

We decided we were overdue, so we ordered up a Mad Mary with our omelette.

Mad Rooster Cafe

MIX: Housemade

CHASER: a Miller High Life pony (we declined on this particular visit because it was before 10am and we were also ordering breakfast… Not that that has stopped us before)

FIXIN’S: Lime, lemon, deviled egg, stuffed olive (bleu cheese?), pickle and celery stalk

PRICE: $9 (or $8 w/0 chaser–also these are specially priced on Fridays)

The taste of the this bloody was light and refreshing and I enjoyed the egg as a garnish, even though the yolk fell out and dissolved in the beverage; however, I would not bill this drink as a meal in itself as we’ve seen much grander bloodies in our day.

They get bonus points for the salt on the rim as well.

The verdict?

There’s no question that we’ll be back here for breakfast again, as this place is one of the few good and true places to get a nice sit-down breakfast in the city and we’ll probably order this bloody mary again in the future too, but Mad Rooster Cafe not a place we’d go specifically to have a bloody mary, if that makes sense.



Speaking of places we can’t believe we haven’t reviewed, the Wicked Hop takes the cake!

Located in Milwaukee’s popular Third Ward, the Wicked Hop is one of the best brunch spots in the city.

In fact, it’s located at the corner of Sunday Brunch and Bloody Mary! (We love this, right outside their restaurant.)

The ultimate intersection. #BloodyMary #Brunch

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We’ve had their Bloody Mary several times, but somehow, we’ve failed to review it. For that, we apologize as we’re depriving you of one of the best bloodies in the city!

Wicked Hop Bloody Mary

MIX: Housemade

CHASER: From their site: “Buddied up with everyone’s favorite — Lakefront Riverwest Stein beer chaser!”

FIXIN’S: Again: “Our house recipe served with peeled coldwater shrimp, Old Wisconsin beefstick, MKE midget kosher dill pickle, mozzarella whips, Walnut Street portabella mushroom and a Spanish green olive.” They also let you purchase Extra Fixin’s for $3 more (We inquired: it’s an extra portion of what already comes on it, not additional items).

PRICE: $10 regularly (You can get a Virgin Mary, or a Topless Mary (no fixin’s) for $8)

Wicked Hop is known for their Bloodies and they also have a popular brunch. Get there early on a Saturday and sit in the bar to take advantage of this offer:

Half hoppy

Or, if you can get there during the week, we highly recommend going on a Tuesday where the Bloody Marys are $5 (sans chaser):

slider poster


On our most recent visit, we had just posted our above photo on Instagram and Facebook when we noticed a very similar photo appear in our feeds…comedian Amy Schumer, in town for a show at the Bradley Center, had visited the Wicked Hop and indulged that same day. We’re sorry we missed her, but we’re glad that someone pointed her in the right direction!

Milwaukee I love you!!

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One more thing… The Wicked Hop also boasts “The ‘Glass’ Slipper,” which is, by their description: “Our house recipe bloody mary fitted in a 96.628 oz. plastic German boot laced with all the accessories. Buddied up with 6 chasers of everyone’s favorite — Lakefront Riverwest Stein. Finish it all and we’ll give you the commemorative boot.” The price listed is: Market, whatever that means. We haven’t been brave enough to tackle this one yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we do.

Be sure you check out Wicked Hop when you’re in Milwaukee, you’ll be bloody glad you did.

Today, we attended the East Town Association’s Heat it Up Event, a Bloody Mary & Chili tasting at Cathedral Square Park in downtown Milwaukee for the fourth year in a row.


Heat It Up takes place in a fenced in area in Cathedral Square Park. Each establishment has a table under a tent and participants line up in front of each one to claim their samples. You don’t get to experience the actual atmosphere of the restaurant (and they don’t get the benefit of you potentially buying additional food/beverage), but it is easy for the participant. You maximize your tasting time and you’re surrounded solely by people who share your passion.


Heat It Up cost $30 (plus a $2.50 convenience fee online) to attend, but for that price, this year you UNLIMITED get samples of  10 bloodies and 9 chilis (Who’s On Third also had chili, but it wasn’t listed on the ballot).

However, this was down significantly from last year when they had 16 different bloodies and 17 chilis to sample.
East Town Heat It Up 2015

Heat it Up offers the awesome combination of Bloody Marys AND chili.The samples are ample-sized and, even though only a couple of places offered a beer chaser, excellent. In my opinion, they are a fair representation of each establishment’s actual Bloody….BECAUSE THEY ALLOW ACCOUTERMENTS (unlike the some other events).



Mikey’s – First Place
Mark’s Chili – 2nd Place

Milioke – 3rd Place*
Bloody Mary:

Camp Bar – First Place

Millertime Pub – 2nd Place*

St. Francis Brewery – 3rd Place

*Indicates OutForBloodies choice

There are so many bloodies and chili samples circulating, and so many factors to consider, so we’ll give you a quick rundown of each of the contestants below.

Heat it Up

Pro Tip: You’ll notice something that looks like a cupcake pan/muffin tin in these photos. That’s because it is a cupcake pan… It’s tough to eat or drink when you’ve got a bloody in one hand and chili in your other. Add a chaser and you’re pretty much out of luck. This is a genius way to hold your samples while you’re standing around. 

Miller Time Pub

The No.1 Bloody from 2013 was from Miller Time Pub and it got my vote again this year as well. (Last year’s winner, Benelux, was not present this time around.) A beefstick, shrimp and jalapeno popper among other items make this a meal in itself.

Miller Time Pub had excellent bloodies and chili (again) this year.

Miller Time Pub had excellent bloodies and chili (again) this year.

St. Francis Brewery 

St. Francis once again had a verde mary, using tomatillos; however, last year they called it a “Packers Bloody Mary” and it included an entire (cold) Klement’s Sausage and a Wisconsin Cheese Curd.

This year, they had bacon, cheese and a wasabi pea in their green version and had similar fixin’s on their standard version. They also served beer chasers. I like the green because it is different, but it wouldn’t be my favorite. The red version had a nice flavor.

St. Francis Brewery Bloody Mary



The Pfister

The Pfister has always finished strong and when you see the fixin’s and shorty of Miller Lite, you’ll know why:

Pfister Bloody Mary

Camp Bar

The winner at last week’s Chilin’ on the Avenue in Wauwatosa, Camp Bar was also present here. Again, good flavor, but it doesn’t stand out to me as the best.

Camp Bar Bloody Mary


Millioke’s Bloody Mary touted “3 roasted pepper au jus” and you could definitely taste the pepper. It also included garlic as a fixin’. I wasn’t a big fan of this bloody, it tasted very strong. However, the chili was delicious, made with pumpkin ale and short rib. They can keep the cheddar cheese pork rind, though!

Millioke Bloody Mary

Millioke Bloody Mary


Mikey’s tried to impress with a pulled pork sandwich and chunk of cornbread on their bloody mary, but the flavor was way harsh. Not a fan at all. The chili, however, was very good.

Mikeys Bloody Mary

Cafe Hollander

Everyone knows we are fans of the Lowlands Group. Last year, Benelux took home the #1 prize. This year, Hollander had a presence instead. Here, they offered their basic bloody mary, which was, as always, very good.

Cafe Hollander Bloody Mary

Who’s On Third

A simple bloody mary, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavor. It seemed like the mix/vodka ratio might have been off. The pickle was also unexpectedly a bread and butter pickle, which threw me for a loop.

Who's On Third

Cafe at the Plaza

We weren’t a big fan of this bloody mary either, but the chili (with cornbread on top) was excellent.

Cafe at the Plaza

The Belmont

This one had an unidentified spice in it… maybe paprika someone suggested? Either way… good on the cheese curd. In the bloody, not so much.

Belmont Bloody Mary

So there you have it…. Even down about half the vendors, this event is a great deal and was sold out again this year. I highly encourage you to check it out next year—and to stop in to each of these establishments to do you own tastings in the meantime!

We recently visited Dicken’s Grille in West Allis, Wisconsin.

We had been hearing a lot about Dicken’s lately from people in different circles, so we knew there had to be something there.

We learned that they offer specialty bloodies on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-3pm (we learned this the hard way, stopping in at off-time last winter), so we stopped in one Sunday during a Packers game.

The Bloody Marys at Dicken’s are essentially build-your-own… they start at $6 for a pint and the price can fluctuate based on the options you choose.

You get a say in your Vodka/Liquor, Bloody Mix, Spice, Garnishes, and Chaser, all by filling out a little slip of paper and handing it to the bartender. Here’s an example:

Dicken's Grille Bloody Mary

MIX: You choose! We definitely wanted to try their house mix, without any extra spices. It wasn’t bad at all, just nothing special. We also wanted to try Ben’s Bloody Kentucky since that was new to us  as well. We liked that a bit more and will probably stick with that or Zing Zang in the future.

CHASER:You choose! You can even upgrade to a full mug for just $.75! So say you’re having bloodies with someone who just wants to have a beer… you could be kind and just give them your chaser… or keep it for yourself.

FIXIN’S: Four tremendous options to pick from! We can vouch for the Lambeau (perfect for a Packers game!), Meat & Cheese and Surf & Turf, as our party was able to try these three. Apparently, they have limited offerings of the Racing Sausage bloody mary each weekend, so it is recommended that you get there early if you want to try that one (and we do, so we’ll be back!).

PRICE: Starting at just $6

We were very happy with our visit to this hidden gem (or maybe not-so-hidden anymore!) in West Allis. The people were friendly, the prices were fair and the drinks were flowing.

We loved our Lambeau Bloody Mary and will definitely be back for this again (cheesehead wedge cut off in photo!):

Lambeau Bloody Mary

We also enjoyed the Meat and Cheese option:

Dicken's Meat and Cheese bloody mary

as well as the Surf & Turf Bloody Mary:

Dicken's Surf and Turf Bloody Mary

We’ll be back again, banging on the door when they open to try that Racing Sausage option another time.

Besides the excellent Bloody Marys, Dicken’s also offered free chips, cheese and salsa during the game, shots for Packers scores, beaded necklaces for fans, a lengthy beer list and special sandwiches available for purchase.

If you’re a true Bloody Mary enthusiast like I am, you’ll want to be sure to add this one to your list!