Milwaukee, WI: Don’s Diner

Posted: March 14, 2019 in Uncategorized


Happy New Year! January 1 is officially “National Bloody Mary Day” and, after taking part in a favorite Milwaukee tradition of “polar bearing”–that is, diving into the freezing cold waters of Lake Michigan, we warmed up with some delicious food, coffee and a Bloody Mary at Don’s Diner.

This small restaurant was packed and the food and drinks were flowing.

The decor is a throwback to a simpler time, and the restaurant’s name is an homage to Don Gersonde, grandfather of SED partner Aaron Gersonde, who was a World War II veteran, Milwaukee Police Captain, and diner guy. During the war he was a navigator for the Naughty Angel (757th Bomb Squadron) which earned a reputation for a little misbehavin’ and a lot of guts.

The diner says they “follow suit by cooking the food we want to eat, and putting booze in our milkshakes. Don’s story is our story, so bring a friend, share a drink and become part of the story.

It just so happened that my dining companion knew the Gersonde family in a roundabout way, which led to friendly conversation with the staff.

Photo Jan 01, 1 30 10 PMPhoto Jan 01, 1 14 18 PMPhoto Jan 01, 1 11 44 PM

The food was delicious and I’d love to come back in the evening and check out the cocktail lounge aspect.

As for the Bloody Mary, it was solid.

Spice: Not really that spicy, although there was a hint of something unique in the mix that we couldn’t identify.

Mix: Don’s Bloody Mary Mix and Tito’s.

Fixin’s: Olive, pickle, beef stick, cheese, celery.

Chaser: Yes; although the menu claimed it was served with a High Life Pony. We just got a small side car instead.

Price: $9

There aren’t enough great brunch spots in the city in my opinion, so be sure to patronize places like this. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for getting our 2019 off to an excellent start.

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