West Allis, WI: West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe

Posted: March 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

How in the name of all that is good and bloody have we not visited this place until now? What a miss!

West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe is more than just cheese and sausage–it’s a hidden gem and local institution. Amazing fare and delicious bloodies await you, along with a small but well-stocked ship that will satisfy all your ‘Sconnie cravings.

Photo Jan 13, 11 07 07 AM

First, the Bloody. They have several on their menu. We must admit we were slacking on this particular day and didn’t catch the name or price of this gem, but all we know is that it was fantastic.

Spice: Not really that spicy, but quite delicious.

Mix: unknown, but probably a house?

Fixin’s: Pickle, celery, olive, beefstick, bacon, mozzarella whips and a piece of grilled cheese sandwich.

Chaser: Yes; a Rhinelander shorty.

Price:  $

On this particular Sunday, we dined in and enjoyed our drinks over a hearty meal.

Afterwards, we checked out the gift shop where you can buy wine, spirits, beer, cheese, meats and all sorts of pickled goodies, plus sweets. A great place to create a gift basket for a visitor or to take with you when you visit someone else.

This establishment also has a location in the Milwaukee Public Market so you could make a day of it when you go down there to check out the St. Paul Fish Company!

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