Milwaukee, WI: Engine Company No. 3

Posted: April 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

We visited Engine Company No. 3 for brunch on St. Patrick’s Day.

We had been here for lunch several times in the past, but it was always during the workweek, so never a chance to imbibe.

Photo Mar 17, 10 11 22 AM

Of course we had to have a Bloody Mary when we got the chance!Photo Mar 17, 10 15 14 AM

Spice: Not really that spicy, but quite delicious.

Mix: Vegetable-infused modest vodka & Turtle Creek Gardens tomato blend (you could also choose a hot pepper infused vodka)

Fixin’s: Pickled heirloom vegetables

Chaser: Yes; a Miller High Life shorty.

Price:  $9 (add bacon for $1)

This was a delicious drink and hit the spot on a Sunday morning; a great start to St. Patrick’s Day.

The food here is also amazing. It’s very farm to table and the ingredients are all locally sourced. You really can’t go wrong!

A great place for brunch or lunch, you’ll want to give this spot a try.

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