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Photo Jul 18, 11 41 11 AM

On a recent trip up to Door County, we stopped at PC/DC, or PC Junction in Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin.

Spice & Mix: I believe they used Sacramento Mix, but don’t quote me on this.

Fixin’s: Celery and olives

Chaser: None offered

Price: $Unsure

While the staff here was overly nice, unfortunately, this Bloody Mary was very, very average. As you can see, it is your typical bloody with a few olives and a celery stalk. There was nothing overly memorable about it, good or bad.

If you’re seeking out Door County’s best bloody marys, check out some of our other reviews on this site, like this post. 

There is a relatively new Mexican restaurant on Milwaukee’s south side in Franklin, Wisconsin called Agave Blu Cantina.

I’ve come here on Sundays to watch some Packers games and for Happy Hours a couple of times. There offer free chips and salsa and great drink specials. Of course I had to try their Bloody Mary.

Photo Nov 24, 3 09 02 PM

Spice & Mix: Mary’s Hot Bottom Chili Pepper Flavored Vodka

Fixin’s: Celery, lime, olive and pickles

Chaser: None offered

Price: $5 (I believe this was the correct Happy Hour price)

This place seems to offer great food and drink specials almost every night of the week, but it has never been crowded when I’ve been there, which is a shame. I hope this place can succeed, so give it a shot the next time we’re allowed to dine in again.

Hello there. It’s us again. Still playing catch up.

Back in February, we stopped in at the Water Street Brewery in Delafield, Wisconsin after a nice hike through Lapham Peak. It was supposed to be a 5-mile snowshoe hike, but unseasonably warm weather made it more of a regular hike.

This happened to be Super Bowl Sunday, so after we got our nice workout in, we kicked off the pregame festivities a little early with brunch.

Now we had reviewed the Water Street Brewery’s regular Bloody Mary almost six years ago. And, as I’m SURE you’ll recall, we were highly disappointed that we weren’t aware of their specialty Bloody Mary.

Okay, so we had actually completely forgotten about that debacle and 2014 probably was the last time we were even out in Delafield; however, the weekend brunch menu highlighted the Oktoberfest Bloody Mary pretty heavily, so when we placed our food and drink order, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t clear… we were all in on the big kahuna.

The bartender saw the surprise and the fear in my eyes when we set down the plain Bloody Mary. Immediately, I inquired about the fixings. He apologized and didn’t charge me for the original drink, which he said I should enjoy while I waited for my smorgasbord.

It was well worth the wait.

Spice & Mix: Homemade Mix and Sky Vodka with Water Street Brewery’s Oktoberfest

Fixin’s: Shrimp, Brewton, Cheese Curds, Eggplant Fry, Bacon, Pickle, Olive, Celery, Lemon and Lime

Chaser: One of their local beers

Price: $12.00

There must not be too many people who order this drink since I’ve only been here twice and both times, no one tried to upsell me on this version or even clarify which one I was requesting. That’s a darn shame because it’s delicious–a meal in itself, indeed.

Come here for brunch and order this and something smaller and you’ll be happy the rest of the day. Just be sure to specify which Bloody Mary you’re ordering.

It’s been way too long since we’ve updated this blog and frankly, since we’ve had a Bloody Mary.

During this time of self-quarantine, we’ve caught up on all of the housework, Netflix shows and now, we’re finally getting around to adding in some reviews. We know, our priorities are a little messed up. But again, that’s probably since it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Bloody!

Anywho… let’s flashback all the way to Black Friday 2019, back when times were simpler and you were allowed to dine in at restaurants.

We stopped at the Grumpy Troll en route to Galena, Illinois where we planned to spend the weekend checking out wineries and getting a jump start on our holiday shopping.

Spice & Mix: Mary’s Hot Bottom Chili Pepper Flavored Vodka

Fixin’s: Celery, Beef stick, lemon, olive and pickles

Chaser: One of their local beers

Price: $6.50

We thoroughly enjoyed our Grumpy Mary at this award-winning brew pub, along with a satisfying lunch.

If you ever find yourself in the unique town of Mount Horeb, known for its trolls, you should definitely check out this restaurant!

We recently visited a new restaurant in downtown Elm Grove, Wisconsin called Zister’s. Housed in the site of the former Penelope’s, Zister’s brings a more modern appeal to Watertown Plank Road.

With its blatant appeal to the millennial brunch culture, this place is sure to attract the young and trendy crowd in search of Avocado Toasts, Benedicts and Mimosas (after all, as their slogan says, “Champagne is the new coffee.”

And, you can’t have brunch with out a Bloody Mary. On our visit, we tried the Ultimate Bloody Mary.

Photo Aug 27, 3 49 16 PM

Spice: St. George Green Chile Vodka

Mix: Zing Zang

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Olive, Pickle and Bacon

Chaser: Miller Lite Shorty

Price: $10

We enjoy Zing Zang, so we didn’t mind them using a bottle mix. I think the drink was very tasty, but a bit over priced and lacking in the fixings to be called “Ultimate.” In our opinion, if you’re going to call yourself a brunch place, you should have at least 3 different Bloody Mary options on the menu, including one that truly is “ultimate” and unique to your establishment. (How about one with champagne, Zisters?!?)

Regardless, we still give this place a glowing review and will be back multiple times because we heart the menu. There simply are no other options like this west of the city.

We had the Avocado Toast and it was presented beautifully and tasted amazing:

Photo Aug 27, 3 55 08 PM

Again, we love that Zisters has come to the neighborhood; they also created a really great patio that we can’t wait to test out. We will be back soon and hope you take our Bloody Mary recommendations to heart as you develop your clientele. We would love to be a special advisor in your quest!




After attending a Saint Francis Brewing Co. event at Ray’s Growler Gallery, we were inspired to take a trip to the Saint Francis Brewery for dinner.

In addition to their seven original beers on tap, the brew-pub offers an extensive menu with everything from fish frys and burgers to ribs and jambalaya.

The restaurant is spacious with a large bar area and several dining alcoves. Thus, although it was busy, we were able to get seated within 5-10 minutes on a Friday night.

While Saint Francis is known for its beer, obviously, I wanted to be sure to sample their Bloody Mary while I was there. Their menu said they have them on special on Saturdays and Sundays, so I figured they must have a good one. Plus, bonus, I’d get to sample their beer via the chaser, the best of both worlds.

So, I ordered the Bloody Mary with a pumpkin beer chaser:

St. Francis Brewery Bloody Mary

Mix: Homemade mix (I think?)

Chaser: Yes–for an upcharge!

Fixin’s: Celery, pickle, olive, mushroom, lemon and lime

Price: $6 + $1 chaser


The Bloody Mary was pretty standard, but good. The pumpkin beer was spicy and delicious. We enjoyed our food as well.

The only downside occurred when we received our bill.

Much to our surprise, there was a $1 upcharge for the chaser:

Photo Nov 09, 10 49 46 AM

Our waitress had, indeed, asked if we wanted a chaser, but she said, “Would you like a chaser?” not “Would you like to add a chaser for a $1 upcharge?”

Now in the grand scheme of things, we realize $1 is not a big deal, but the fact that this is a brewery just compounds the issue. Don’t you want people to sample your beer? Don’t you have a lot of it back there?

If they really need to turn that profit, in my opinion, they would’ve been better off charging $7 for their bloody mary than looking like they are nickeling and diming their customers for a beer chaser.

We didn’t bring this issue up at the time of dinner because, like we said, it’s not a huge deal, just something we thought very odd and something that did not sync up with the rest of our experience.

If we ever return, we’ll stick to ordering beer as our beverage of choice.

11/16/15 Update: See the comments below! St. Francis Brewery took our review to heart and is eliminating the $1 chaser charge! Good news for all the Bloody Mary lovers out there!

I can’t believe we haven’t come across these earlier… Bloody Mary Cheese Curds!

Bloody Mary Cheese Curds (2)

Made in Wautoma, Wisconsin by Stoneridge, these cheddar curds are seasoned with tomato powder, worcestershire powder, celery salt and jalapeno pepper juice.

We were excited to try these; however, while they were good (have you ever had a bad cheese curd?), had we not known they were Bloody Mary flavored, we wouldn’t have guessed that was what they were trying to achieve. Perhaps some horseradish or pickle juice would help?

Still, we recommend–a great addition to your build your own Bloody bar!



It has been almost two years since my first visit to  Bluephies Restaurant & Vodkatorium in Madison, Wisconsin

After reading about the Top 15 Over the Top Bloody Marys from, I was excited to see that three of the 15 were from Wisconsin (represent!).

There are four different kinds of Bloody Marys on the menu, including a flight which offers the chance to taste three different Bloodies.


Last time I was here, I chose the one with the most fixin’s, which also seemed to be their signature drink: The FAT BOY Bloody Mary, but this time, I tried the flight.


From left to right: Fat Boy, Bloody Maria (with Tequila) and Habanero.

Spice: Varied by type, obviously. The Bloody Maria had a lot of lime/salt on the rim, so it almost tasted like a tomato-flavored margarita.

Mix: They make their own!

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  olives, lemon and lime across he board, with bacon and cheese in the Fat Boy.

Price: $10

Each Bloody Mary was very good, but the Fat Boy was still my favorite. I find it a bit odd that they don’t offer a flight containing a sample of each of their Bloody Marys on the menu. I would have loved the chance to sample the “Tater Tot Casserole” and other fun Bloodies that I didn’t get to yet. Also, set up as is, the only way to get the Habanero Bloody with the jalapeno vodka, is via flight (unless you order off-menu, I suppose).

Perplexing, but still delicious. I hope to come back for brunch next time–hopefully sooner than two more years down the road!

Yesterday, I played golf at University Ridge in Madison, Wisconsin.

Post-round, I enjoyed a Bloody Mary at their Clubhouse bar.

University Ridge

Mix:5 Peppers

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Two olives, one pickle

Price: $5.69

This Bloody Mary was good and hit the spot, but it wasn’t anything special (although the 5 Peppers mix is quite spicy!). If you want a great Bloody in Madison, check out Bluephies.

I recently stopped at Water Street Brewery, a brewpub with three area locations, brewing a variety of award-winning traditional and specialty beers from ambers and ales to stouts and seasonals.

While their beer is good, I had never had a Bloody Mary here, so I stopped in at the Lake Country location and ordered one up.

I was happy to get to select my own chaser because Water Street Brewery offer an ever-changing selection of delicious beers on tap and given that it’s mid-September, they had a delicious pumpkin pie beer on the menu. I know what you’re thinking: Bloody Marys and pumpkin beer don’t really go that well together, do they? No, not really, but if you drink each separately, you have the best of both worlds.

Anyway, read on for the stats.

photo 1


Chaser:Yes–you can pick from any of their beers on tap; I chose pumpkin

Fixin’s: Two olives, lemon, lime and pickle

Price: $7.50

The flavor of this Bloody was very good–you could detect the horseradish, but it wasn’t too spicy. I liked the salted rim on the glass, a nice touch. This Bloody Mary was decent, but when the bartender came to ask me if I’d like another, I chose a full pumpkin pie ale instead.

But then my dining companion asked to see the complete beer list. He was given a menu to peruse and I happened to notice this:

photo 2

They have a special Oktoberfest Bloody Mary! For just $4.50 more, I could have had the “signature garnish,” a shrimp fritter, bleu cheese croquette, brewton, cheese curds, eggplant fry and bacon.

“Excuse me,” I asked the bartender, “You have a special Bloody?”

“Yes,” he admitted, perhaps sensing that something was amiss. “But that’s more like a meal,” he said quickly, trying to deter me, as if there were a problem with that, as if that wasn’t what I lived for.

I hung my head in disappointment. “If I would have known, I would have ordered that one.” I told him.

He didn’t apologize or offer to do anything for us. My dining companion decided not to order a second beverage and instead helped me finish my pumpkin beer and we quickly left following that exchange.

I guess I am partly to blame for ordering without looking at a menu first, but clearly this was special beverage created for this time of year, so I am not sure why this wasn’t suggested or offered when I initially ordered the Bloody Mary.

Lesson learned. In the future, I will ask more questions.