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Again, forgive our batch posts of bloodies here, but summer has been flying by and we’re behind on our reviews! We’ve been so busy having fun it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and bang these out, but finally, here we are.

Earlier this summer, we went to see Jack Johnson perform at Northerly Island in Chicago. It was a fun getaway and, before we hopped the train back to Wisconsin the next morning, we popped over to Honey Berry Cafe for brunch.

Spice & Mix: Perfect amount of spice, their own signature mix and Skyy Vodka

Fixin’s: Bacon, Cheese Cubes, Pickles, Olives, Spicy Rim

Chaser: None Offered

Price: $11

This breakfast was phenomenal. The meal portions were large and prices (especially for Chicago) were more than reasonable. We ordered the amazing “Back to Bed” Sandwich, which included two eggs over easy, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese, drizzled with maple syrup and served on French Toast as the bun… then they said we could pick our sides… so choice of hash browns or Fruit and Toast… AND pancakes. You could upgrade to specialty pancakes for a small upcharge as well.

This turned out to be the perfect solution for someone like me who can’t make a decision and has food fomo when ordering… here was an option that included pretty much every breakfast food you could think of in some form… and we were NOT disappointed.

Seeing as we had just seen Jack Johnson, I had to order the Banana Pancakes as my side (IYKYK). They actually had three varieties of banana pancakes alone, so I went with the Chocolate Chip ones. Again delicious, like everything else.

In my research for the post, I was stunned to find out there is a Honey Berry in Wisconsin. I had no idea; I can’t wait to go back here next time I am craving a breakfast spot.

We recently visited the Claim Company in Northbrook, IL.

We found this restaurant in a mall in northern Illinois called Northbrook Court and stopped in for lunch on a Friday afternoon.

This slightly western-themed restaurant appears to be known for its “Motherlode Burgers” and large salad bar.

We opted to check out the salad bar and ordered a bloody mary to wash it down.

Claim Company

MIX: Housemade

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Lime, Lemon, Olives, Celery & Beefstick

PRICE: $Unsure

Overall, we were underwhelmed with the Claim Company. The bloody mary, like the food and service, was pretty average. Although it gets props for the beefstick, the mix didn’t have much flavor. Claim Company is okay if you’re at the mall and need a quick bite, but we would not go out of our way to go back here.