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Making your way in the world today takes everything you got… that’s why, even though it was a pretty cheesy, touristy thing to do, I had to stop at the original Cheers bar on Beacon Street.


I was only going to pop in and check it out, maybe have a quick pint and be on my way, but in the gift shop, I noticed this:

imageOf course, I had to inquire about this with the bartender, Christine, who was very friendly and easy to talk to. She said that they bottle/sell this mix all around Boston. Sold—okay, give me one of those Bloodies then, Christine:


“Do you like olives?” she asked as she poured the bottled mix and vodka into a glass. Silly question.

Spice: Decent amount of spice.

Mix: Cheers! At first, the Bloody was too strong to drink and I was really nursing it. Christine asked if I liked it, so I admitted it tasted overpoweringly like vodka. She was nice enough to top off the drink with more mix, making it much more palatable.

Chaser: No

Fixin’s: Two olives, Lemon, Lime, Celery Stalk

Price: $8

This was a fun experience and I was excited to see that Cheers had their own Bloody Mary mix, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t so much in love with the mix that I was going to bring it home as a souvenir. But no worries—CHEERS!

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