A few months ago, author Judy Bennett was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, Bloody Marys: Sanguine Solutions for a Slew of Situations.

This book, released in May 2011, intertwines humor, history, fun facts and recipes pertaining to our shared interest—the beloved Bloody Mary.

In her introduction, Bennett writes, “Why Bloody Marys? Come on. Anyone can pour wine into a glass and pronounce it ‘eviscerated’ or ‘petillant,’ but who else besides Mary can inspired a whole dossier?”

As if you needed an excuse to enjoy this drink, Bennett’s book contains 45 different Bloody Mary recipes designed to fit any mood and situation.

There’s the “Remind me why I’m going skydiving tomorrow,” a recipe that’s equal parts gumption and liquid courage; the “We should go to Hawaii more often,” featuring ginger and Thai basil; and more.

For Wisconsin folk, there’s even the “Go Packers,” an Official Packers Bloody Mary Tailgate Recipe.

Each recipe is accompanied by Bennett’s wit and snark—use caution when drinking a Bloody while reading this book… snorting out Bloody Marys, in particular ones that contain hot sauce, pepper and/or horseradish, could really hurt.

For a garnish, Bennett throws in some gems such as 6 women who have been nicknamed Bloody Mary throughout history; variations of the Bloody Mary containing different ingredients than your typical tomato juice and vodka combo (i.e. the “Bloody Fairy”—tomato juice and absinthe!); and more.

If you’re a fan of the Bloody (and I assume you are since you’re reading this blog), you’ll want to make sure to devour this book.

Thanks again to Judy for sending it my way—CHEERS!

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