The Real Dill, Co. Bloody Mary Mix

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I recently received a treat from The Real Dill, Co., a company that specialized in “hand-crafted, artisan pickles” from Denver, Colorado.


The mix comes n a 32-oz. jar, is 100% natural and slightly spicy. The ingredients are: fresh cucumber water, organic tomato paste, vinegar, salt, fresh dill, fresh horseradish, fresh habanero, spices, and fresh garlic.


Very, very flavorful mix and it tasted just so very fresh. The only drawbacks are: 1) I didn’t have any Real Dill Co. pickles to add as fixin’s for a true taste experience and 2) at 32-oz., I was only able to make two bloodies (what are the rest of you guys gonna drink? :))

But all kidding aside, awesome mix. Highly recommend. Thank you so much, Real Dill!


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