Durty Gurl Bloody Mary Mix

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I recently tried Durty Gurl Bloody Mary Mix and made myself a Bloody Mary using the mix, along with Skyy Vodka and my own fixin’s.

This company offers a complete line of cocktail mixers and garnishes, from cherries and to onions and Bloody Mary to Margarita mix, they’ve thought of everything.

The Bloody Mary Mix in particular comes in Classic, Spicy and Habanero & Horseradish Varieties. I tried the Classic and while it was no means bad in any way, I wasn’t wowed either; perhaps one of the others might have put a little more pep in my step?

While this particular variety wasn’t a standout, their website is worth checking out—they’ve got some pretty cool stuff, including the Olive of the Month Club.

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