Thanks to Leahy-IFP for sending me their Orchard Splash Wicked Bloody Mary mix to review!

Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it usually takes a special occasion for me to make them at home; this time, I broke out the box (yes, box, not bottle!) to make Bloodies with some friends on a Sunday Funday.

To keep the test pure, I sampled Wicked mixed with an unflavored Skyy Vodka. I did not add any spices, but I topped the drink with olives, celery, cheese, meat, a pickle and a brussels sprout.

Wicked Bloody Mary Mix

Leahy-IFP is a local Chicagoland company (offices in Glenview) that’s been around since 1957.  They are a canned fruit and juice manufacturer and, among many other things, they make  Wicked Bloody Mary Mix.

Previously, they only sold their products into large scale food service distribution (like Sysco and US Foods) and not into retail markets; but through one of those distribution deals the mix was served on Alaska Airlines.  And after receiving many, many, many requests from passengers to buy it direct, they finally launched a retail website, called Food Courier –, to sell their products directly to end users.

And this is where we come in. A company rep wanted to spread the word, so they reached out to me and sent me the samples.

The verdict? All of us agreed–the mix was very good! Not too thick, not too thin, very flavorful. There were four of us and we were able to make about 6 drinks with the amount in one box.

Thanks again to the good folks at Wicked Bloody Mary Mix for the samples!

In case you’re in the IL area, I also wanted to point out that they are one of the official sponsors of the 5th Annual Bloody Mary Fest in Highwood, IL on  July 27, so check them out!


  1. Rose Moon says:

    I ca not get to the food courier website. are they still selling this stuff. I bought it before and I love it.

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