Grafton, Wi: Flannery’s

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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After golfing at Fire Ridge today in Grafton, Wis., I stopped in at the 19th hole, their restaurant called Flannery’s, for a beverage.

I have been here many times and have previously reviewed their Bloody Mary, but immediately, I noticed something new.

Flannerys (1)

Yes, an entire Bloody Mary menu with FIVE different Bloody Marys to choose from.

Flannery's Bloody Mary


Although they all sounded enticing, I was a little hungry, so I went for the Slider & Curds:

Flannery's Bloody Mary


Mix: They use Sacramento! And the special Bloody Mary menu calls for  use of Icelandic Reyka Vodka.

Chaser: Yes, a Pony!

Fixin’s: This one came with an olive, celery, two pickles, four curds and a slider with cheese on a pretzel bun

Price: $9.50

It was a cold and rough day out on the course, but this Bloody Mary more than made up for it. Amazing!

And, I learned something new! This Flannery’s is related to the Flannery’s located in downtown Milwaukee (which also supposedly has a Bloody Mary menu that I have yet to try–I am guessing they are one in the same or at least very similar). Interesting!

I would highly recommend you stop in to one of the Flannery’s for a special Bloody Mary. Well worth it! Next time, I am going to try the Cajun Shrimp and Peppers!

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