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I was recently in Cincinnati for work; it was going to be a quick trip with limited time to explore, so I did my homework ahead of time.

After scouring several “Best of” lists and cross-referencing by proximity to my hotel, I had narrowed down my list to about 3-4 places. Two of them only served their “special” Bloody Mary on Saturdays and Sundays during a certain time and one place was closed for renovation…which led me to place all my eggs in the basket of The Eagle OTR.

When the fate of your city’s Bloody Mary ranking rests on one place, you want that place to be great. Fortunately, The Eagle delivered.

The Eagle OTR

EAGLE OTR Bloody Mary


Chaser: None…but a shot of Guinness was placed IN the bloody itself.

Fixin’s: Two olives, pickle, a jalapeno, watercress, celery and candied bacon

Price: $9


This Bloody Mary was fantastic. It had just the right amount of spice and the Guinness float added a unique carbonation to the drink.

The best part was the candied bacon. While waiting for my drink, I noticed a couple sharing a basket of candied bacon as an appetizer and my mouth was watering; I was about to order a side myself. Then it arrived in my Bloody Mary and that turned out to be the perfect garnish topping off an already delightful beverage.

If you’re ever in Cincinnati, I encourage you to check out the up-and-coming OTR (Over The Rhine) area for a plethora of trendy bars and restaurants, a surprising dash of nightlife in what I had previously considered to be a sleepy city.

En route to Cincinnati for a conference, I found myself at O’Hare with a healthy layover.

Time for a Bloody Mary!

After some scouting, it was determined that the best option in my terminal was Stanley’s Blackhawk Bar.

Stanley's Blackhawk Bar

Mix: Average at best

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Two olives, a lemon and a lime

Price: $?

This Bloody Mary was pretty standard, especially when considering this was drink was in the Midwest and an airport, generally two indicators of the chances of getting an above-average beverage.

Definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to seek this out next time I was in the airport; I would have been better off with a can of Mr. and Mrs. T’s and a mini bottle of vodka on the plane.