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Also in Hollywood, we checked out a place called Hungry Cat on another recommendation by the Drunken Tomato.

Hungry Cat has three California locations and specializes in seafood and raw bar.



Hungry Cat (1)


That’s why it’s only natural that you can choose to add an oyster to your bloody mary:

Hungry Cat (5)

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: Yes

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Carrot, Celery, Oyster and ??

Price: $15 for “Matchbox,” plus $3 for the oyster

Usually, we agree with Drunken Tomato on what constitutes a good bloody, so I’m going to say that maybe I just had a bad shake… As you can see by the photo, this Bloody Mary was almost translucent, so it was quite strong. Maybe not a good vodka-mix ratio.

We also still aren’t sure what the pink item in our drink was. It looked like ginger, but was rock hard… and we couldn’t place the taste.

The oyster was good, but it wasn’t served in a shell.

Finally, at $18, this was the steepest price we paid for a bloody.

We’d give Hungry Cat another shot for dinner, but think we’ll skip the bloody mary next time.




On our trip to Los Angeles, we visited The Belmont Cafe in Hollywood for brunch on a Saturday morning.

We found it to be uncrowded and scored a primo spot on the patio.

On weekends, Belmont has a build your own bloody mary bar, which we naturally had to check out.

The Belmont (3)

Mix: Choose from the Belmont’s own mix, Clamato, or tomato juice

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: So many hot sauces to choose from! In addition, lots of olive varieties, celery, pickles, homemade bacon bits, beans and more. (This is California though, so no cheese chunks or beefsticks or fried somethings to be found!)

The Belmont (4)

Price: $12

Here’s the masterpiece we created:

The Belmont (7) The Belmont (6)

We adored the Belmont Cafe. In addition to the obvious perks of the Bloody Mary bar, their brunch was top-notch. We had the Avocado Breakfast Toast, which was very California and simply amazing:

The Belmont (1)Definitely a great spot to check out when you’re in town!


In Pasadena, California, we stopped at Congregation Ale House on a recommendation by the Drunken Tomato.

There are three locations around Los Angeles for this church-themed restaurant and with all of their beers on tap, I can see why it’s so successful.

However, we weren’t here for the beer, we wer here for the bloody mary.


Congregation Ale House (1)

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Olive, lime

Price: $6



This mix was by far the best we tasted in Los Angeles. Very fresh, with the right amount of spice and a pleasant consistency. And at $6, you just can’t beat the price in LA! Their chalkboard touted a “Bloody Mary for 2” for just $10 on Sundays, which is also a great deal.

We also dined here on this occasion. There is no table service. You have to order at the counter. They have a limited menu of burgers/sandwiches and a wide array of dipping sauces to accompany their fries, wings, etc. In addition to loving our bloody mary, we also enjoyed our Grilled RibEye Burger with fries (and curry ketchup!) very much.

If you’re in the LA area, check out the “chapter” near you!

Travels recently took us to Los Angeles, California.

On our first night, we visited the Griffith Observatory where we enjoyed a gorgeous view of the city. Just down the hill, we stumbled upon Little Dom’s, in what is known as Los Feliz.

Little Dom's (2)

We loved everything about Little Dom’s…. except the bloody mary. Now we like spice, but unfortunately, this bloody mary was too spicy even for us.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Olive, okra, lemon

Price: $10

If you’re ever in the area, you should absolutely visit Little Dom’s. The vibe here is awesome… very neighborhood/home-y, but also hipster/trendy, if that’s even possible.  Rumor has it that celebrities dine here often. There’s a plaque on a booth for Jon Hamm and his girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt and the night we were in there, we ran into a member of 90s band Spacehog.IMG_4804


They have a limited menu, but very delicious items–we can vouch for the pizza! Their bartenders are very friendly (shoutout to John and Vince!) and on a slower night, they might even buy you a drink. For the record, their Moscow Mule was amazing. Get that instead of a bloody and your night will be complete.




We recently visited Taylor’s People’s Park in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

We dined here for lunch and enjoyed–what else?!?– their Bloody Mary.

Taylor's People's Park

MIX:  Unknown

CHASER: Your choice–we chose Blue Moon

FIXIN’S: Cheese, Beefstick, Pepper

PRICE: Unknown

We really enjoyed the flavor of this bloody mary. Just the right amount of thickness and spice. We enjoyed the fixin’s and of course, the chaser, which we’ve come to appreciate as we travel to more places that don’t offer it.

This is a great restaurant to check out if you’re in the area–even better if you can snag a spot on their rooftop patio!

We stopped at Legend Larry’s in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where we had the pleasure of trying out their Bloody Mary, which is made with a mix that was new to us. The Bloody Mary at Larry’s is made with Remedy Bloody Mary mix, made locally in Holmen, Wisconsin.

IMG_4145Remedy Bloody Mary Mix



MIX:  Remedy Bloody Mary Mix

CHASER: Pick your poison! We chose to try their Pear Cider on this visit.

FIXIN’S: Celery, pickle, beefstick


Apparently, Larry’s is known for their chicken wings, which we did not get to sample on our visit. The Bloody Mary was decent and Remedy’s mix was flavorful enough to stand on its own–as their site says: “No doctoring required.” We always appreciate a beefstick in our beverage as well.

The following is a guest blog post from Sam Parador, a fellow Bloody Mary aficionado who attended Santa Monica’s Bloody Mary Battle over the weekend. 
Santa Monica, California, is known for its beautiful blue skies, ocean views, the ferris wheel on the pier, and lazy days laying on the beach. But, now there is a new activity to add to the list when you visit: drink some Bloody Marys!

Last Sunday, five neighboring restaurants located on the picturesque Ocean Ave. set out to compete for the title of
“Best Bloody Mary.” Hosted by Del Frisco’s Grille, and sponsored by Tito’s Vodka and Bloody Gerry, each restaurant sent their best bartender to throw down their most delicious, and creative take on this traditional cocktail.
The competitors were Joseph Matlock from Locado Del Lago, Christiana Gifford from Blue Plate Taco, Danny Matlock from The Lobster, Steve Triosi from Del Frisco’s Grille and Adam George from Areal Restaurant.
“It’s about bringing the community together more then an actual competition,” said Adam of Areal Restaurant “It’s also about bragging rights.”

The winner of the throw down would receive a cash prize which they would get to decided which charity to donate it to.

“Drinking Bloody’s and raising money for charity? It doesn’t get any better then this!” said the emcee of the event Tyler Herdklotz.



The gameplay was simple. Purchase a ticket for $25 and receive a flight of five bloodies from each bartender’s personal mix set on top of a coaster listed A through E. Simply drop the coasters of your top three bloodies into the first, second, or third place boxes. The votes were then later counted and a victor would be announced. With over 300  Angelenos in attendance this throw down was an amazing spectacle to be seen– and tasted.
Of course it’s not always just about the mix is it? On display were some of the most impressive garnishes to be placed on top of a bloody mary cocktail. Joseph  Matlock of Lago had served his with a deep fried sardine, when the crowd shouted, “Who’s going to eat the head?”  Guest judge Jeff Miller of the stepped up to the plate and bit the head right off. “How does it taste?” asked emcee Tyler. “Salty and delicious” was Jeff’s response.



The next most favored garnish was a slider served up by Steve Triosi from Del Frisco’s. “Now that’s a meal in a glass!” exclaimed guest judge, celebrity DJ Casey Conner. Another crowd-pleaser was Adam’s of Areal restaurant which served a refreshing garnish of heirloom tomato and mozzarella cheese to complement his freshly juiced heirloom tomato mix.

Adam from Areal Restaurant.

Adam from Areal Restaurant, with his refreshing garnish.

When the voting boxes were closed there was much discussion as to who the winner was going to be. “E is the winner for me,” said Gerry Becerril president and founder of Bloody Gerry, a premium tomato mix company. “I don’t know which bartender is E, but it is my kind of palette. Bold pepper flavor, the right amount of worcestershire, and the right blend of horseradish.”


The bartenders eagerly talked with each other discussing who they thought was going to take the bragging rights and the check. Christiana of Blue Plate Taco felt confident, “I know our blend with the roasted peppers, spices and flavors is a bloody mix that’s hard to compete against.”

Cristiana from Blue Plate Tacos

Cristiana from Blue Plate Tacos

When the time came to announce the winners the bartenders lined up, and the crowd starting chanting out their favorite restaurant to win. The winner of the day turned out to be Joseph Matlock from Lago, who received a combined check for a little over $3000 for his charity of choosing. Second place went to Steve Triosi from Del
Frisco’s Grille, who received a gift basket of Bloody Gerry and Tito’s vodka, “I can’t believe I got beat in my own house!” laughed Steve. Third place went to Adam of Areal.

First place!

First place!

Second place--a  Bloody Gerry Gift Basket

Second place–a Bloody Gerry Gift Basket

So, if you find yourself in Santa Monica this summer, be sure to head to Locado Del Lago, and taste this summer’s winning Bloody Mary.



Recently, we checked out the new Pizza Man in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. We never had the chance to visit Pizza Man on Milwaukee’s East Side, pre- or post fire, so we were excited to finally see what all the fuss was about.

Indeed, the pizza lived up to the hype. So many to choose from, our party ended up ordering two pies, split half and half, so we could try four of the varieties. They were all delicious.

The wine, beer and cocktail list at Pizza Man is equally impressive. Of course, we had to try their Bloody Mary:

Pizza Man Bloody Mary

MIX:  Homemade Mix

CHASER: Rhinelander Shortie

FIXIN’S: Salami, Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Olive and Lemon


The Pizza Man Bloody Mary was delicious. The mix itself had a thick consistency and the fixin’s were appropriate for the venue. We’d definitely order this Bloody Mary next time we come back and we’ll definitely be back many times since there is so much more pizza to be had!