Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Tail Feathers at Hawk’s View Golf Course

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Late last fall, we squeezed in a round of golf at Hawk’s View Golf Course on a warmer-than-usual December day.

By the end of the round, the sun was setting and it was getting a bit chillier, so we stopped inside the clubhouse to warm up.

Boy are we glad we did.

Tail Feather's Hawk's View

Mix: Zing Zang, spiced up to our liking
Chaser: Yes
Fixin’s: Pickle, Beefstick, Olives & peppers; topped with Mozzarella cheese whips
Price: $5.25

“I’d like a Bloody Mary,” I told the bartender.

“Do you want our deluxe one?” he asked.

I didn’t even have to ask what that was, I just replied, “Yes.”

He then asked if I wanted it spicy. I nodded again as I watched him piece together this masterpiece.

We’re fans of Zing Zang, so we already liked the base of the drink, but the bartender kicked it up a notch by adding his own spice and flair. We appreciated all of the fixin’s offered (reminiscent of Wicked Hop almost!), as well as the chaser.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when the bill arrived, but it wasn’t $5.25, I’ll tell you that much. They could’ve easily charged double that and I probably wouldn’t have blinked. This was a great deal and we very much appreciated it.

We probably won’t be out this way again anytime soon, but we do encourage anyone who plays Hawk’s View to stop in at the 19th hole for a fantastic Bloody Mary.



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