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Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it is usually hard for me to find time to make Bloody Marys at home, but Ballast Point Brewing is certainly trying to change that!

Ballast Point Bloody Mary Can


Known for its craft brew, Ballast Point Brewing out of San Diego, California, also has branched into mixers and spirits.

Its famous Ballast Point Bloody Mary Mix (available in Mild or Spicy)– a signature blend of ripe tomatoes, spicy peppers, exotic spices and amber ale–for example, has been a popular seller.

They’ve since taken their cocktail game one step further, canning the mix along with Fugu Vodka for the quintessential Bloody. Yes, you read that right…. A Bloody Mary in a can!

As the description on their site says, “Like the venomous namesake fish this Fugu Bloody Mary packs a sting. We’ve combined our signature Fugu Vodka with our award-winning Bloody Mary mix, featuring ripe tomatoes, exotic spices and a heavy dose of pepper, to make a spicy cocktail that is dangerously drinkable.”

We had never had the good fortune to try their mix on its own; however, the company was nice enough to send a four-pack of cans our way to for us to taste test.

We were intrigued. One can poured perfectly premixed into a pint glass, along with some ice cubes and we added our own garnishes:

Ballast Point Bloody Mary

While the mix had a nice consistency and the vodka-mix ratio was spot on, the one thing that struck us was how spicy this beverage was. We usually love a kick to our drinks, but this one (not even labeled a spicy variety) was a little tough to take. It left our lips stinging!


Still, it’s a taste that we could probably get used to (or maybe water down a bit) and the convenience factor definitely is intriguing to us! Bloodies on the go!

If you find Ballast Point mix, or the Bloodies in cans, we definitely recommend giving it a try!


During a long layover in Minneapolis, we stopped for breakfast at Ike’s.

What lured us in to the restaurant was this:

Weekender Bloody Mary Ike's

Weekender Bloody Mary

MIX:  Sacramento Tomato Juice and Smirnoff Vodka


FIXIN’S: Celery, jalabeano, lime, pepperoncini, olives, onion, pickle, cheese, shrimp and beef stick.


Yes, it was clear we were still in the Midwest by the looks of the beverage:

Ike's Weekender Bloody Mary

Unfortunately, this Bloody Mary was better in photos and in theory. It seemed like they took a few shortcuts in ingredients and the quality suffered. For example, there was a huge piece of cheese, but it kind of melted in the drink and didn’t taste very good (cheddar may have been a better option) and the shrimp was wimpy and tasted like it had probably been frozen. Not sure we received the “jalabeano” either.

We left feeling unsatisfied by the Bloody Mary, which is pretty unheard of considering the volume of fixin’s this one offered compared to others. We might give the actual Ike’s a shot if we’re ever near their full establishment in the city, but we’ve had plenty of great bloodies in airports, so that really shouldn’t be a factor. Maybe it was just an off morning!

Our second Bloody Mary stop in Portland took us to Veritable Quandry.

Veritable Quandry Bloody MAry


MIX:  Unknown

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Lemon, two olives


While also relatively plain, this Bloody Mary was nice and thick and flavorful.

Mother’s was quite crowded for brunch and it was easy to see why. Their menu was robust with lots of tasty options.

Like many of the other places we visited in Portland, the food at VQ was delicious. And it’s no surprise because VQ is known for its regional market-driven menu by that uses local farmers. Another great spot to hit up when you’re in the downtown area!

We’ve heard that there are plenty of good Bloody Marys to be had in the Pacific Northwest, but until recently, we hadn’t had the opportunity to sample them.

That changed when we visited Portland, Oregon for the first time last week.

Mother's Bloody Mary Portland


We visited Mother’s Bistro & Bar for Sunday brunch, where we enjoyed one of their “Famous Bloody Marys.”

Mother’s is a popular brunch spot and we found ourselves waiting for a bit to be seated. Luckily, we were flexible and only had to wait about 20 minutes to get a spot at the bar.

MIX:  Housemade “secret bloody concoction” with house-infused pepper & jalapeno vodka

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Lemon, celery, olive and pepper


While relatively plain, this Bloody Mary had a nice flavor to it and we particularly enjoyed the jalapeno kick, as well as the touch of the salted rim.

Mother’s was quite crowded for brunch and it was easy to see why. Their menu was robust with lots of tasty options.

If you’re looking for a good breakfast/brunch spot in the downtown area, you should give Mother’s a shot.