Minneapolis, MN: Ike’s Weekender Bloody Mary

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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During a long layover in Minneapolis, we stopped for breakfast at Ike’s.

What lured us in to the restaurant was this:

Weekender Bloody Mary Ike's

Weekender Bloody Mary

MIX:  Sacramento Tomato Juice and Smirnoff Vodka


FIXIN’S: Celery, jalabeano, lime, pepperoncini, olives, onion, pickle, cheese, shrimp and beef stick.


Yes, it was clear we were still in the Midwest by the looks of the beverage:

Ike's Weekender Bloody Mary

Unfortunately, this Bloody Mary was better in photos and in theory. It seemed like they took a few shortcuts in ingredients and the quality suffered. For example, there was a huge piece of cheese, but it kind of melted in the drink and didn’t taste very good (cheddar may have been a better option) and the shrimp was wimpy and tasted like it had probably been frozen. Not sure we received the “jalabeano” either.

We left feeling unsatisfied by the Bloody Mary, which is pretty unheard of considering the volume of fixin’s this one offered compared to others. We might give the actual Ike’s a shot if we’re ever near their full establishment in the city, but we’ve had plenty of great bloodies in airports, so that really shouldn’t be a factor. Maybe it was just an off morning!

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