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As we’ve said before, no part of the country produces Bloody Marys quite like the Midwest and the ballparks are no exceptions.

The Minnesota Twins previously have had Bloodys garnished with pizza and sliders, but new this year is the “Cluck and Moo” Bloody Mary, which includes a chicken wing, celery, blue and cheddar cheeses, a pepperoni stick, a pepperoni and an olive… plus the moo: a bacon cheeseburger slider.

Cluck and Moo Bloody Mary Twins Target Field Minnesota

MIX: Unspecified, but looked like a bottled mix.

CHASER: A mini can of Bud light

FIXIN’S: See above!

PRICE: $23

The price is steep, but considering all that you get with this bloody mary AND the fact that it is at the ballpark, it’s not completely outrageous. You could have one of these bad boys and be set for the game–you’ve got your snack and your beverages!

Definitely something to try once if you’re a bloody mary fan… just be prepared to be stopped by other baseball fans asking you to take a photo of this unique treat!


While waiting to board a recent flight, we stopped in for lunch at the Pizzeria Piccola inside General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While we dined a on a personal pan pizza, we also decided to try one of their bloody marys… We’re not sure what it is about airports and airplanes and bloodies, but they somehow seem to go hand in hand.

Pizzeria Piccola Bloody Mary

MIX: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, with Hickory Liquid Smoke

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Olive, Pickle, Celery, Lemon, Lime

PRICE: $12.99

This Bloody Mary was quite delicious. We would definitely recommend getting to the airport extra early to allow time to get through security….as well as to check out Pizzeria Piccola!

We recently visited the Rooster Cafe in St. Louis, an excellent little breakfast spot where they have a few different bloodies from which to choose.

Rooster Cafe St. Louis Bloody Mary

On this visit, we went with the House Bloody.

MIX: House

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Olives, pepperoncini, lemon


This Bloody Mary was quite flavorful. It hit the spot and went really well with our breakfast scramble. If you ever find yourself in downtown St. Louis, this is definitely a place to hit up. You can also choose from a Bloody Samurai, Bloody Bull, Bloody ‘ell and Bloody Ceasar, plus a Michelada.

There was just one problem: There are two sizes offered at the Rooster–small and large. We’re not sure why they even offer the smaller version, but maybe that’s just us!