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We recently spent a day shopping in the cute downtown area of Delafield, Wisconsin.

In preparation for the day, we researched lunch spots and bloody marys. Several recommendations on both accounts led us to Revere’s Wells Street Tavern.

Thus, we stopped here for drinks and a bite to eat.


Spice: Not too spicy

Mix: Their own recipe

Chaser: Choice of Taps (we picked Blue Moon)

Fixin’s: Beef stick, pickle, two olives, lemon, lime and cheese whips

Price: $7

We loved the atmosphere in here, an old house with a cozy vibe. We enjoyed our lunch after choosing from a menu with a wide variety of offerings: a turkey wrap and sour cream and chive fries. And most of all, we did love their bloody mary. which was extremely flavorful and had a great number of fixin’s.

If you’re ever in downtown Delafield, we definitely recommend stopping by at least for a drink!

Oak Creek, WI: Jim Dandy’s

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After years of visiting Mulligan’s Pub, we finally decided to give Jim Dandy’s across the street a try.

From the outside of the bar, it looks a little intimidating, like an old biker bar.

Inside, it is a place in various states of renovation. Some parts of the bar look old and original; others look like they are newer additions. It gives the place a slightly eclectic vibe to begin.

We came here on a Sunday afternoon during a Packers game and the place had a decent crowd but was not packed.

Of course, we tried their bloody mary.


Spice: Not too spicy

Mix: They whip it up themselves using Sacramento as a base.

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Beef stick and pickle (and olives?)

Price: $5

You know by now that we LOVE Sacramento, so these bloodies went down easily (almost TOO easily–we had three!). The taste was great, but the fixin’s left a little to be desired; there was just a pickle and beefstick on two of the drinks we had, and a pair of olives was added to the third. However, for this price, we were pretty happy. Plus, the bartender was friendly.

Verdict? We’d give Jim Dandy’s another shot if we’re in the area, a nice change of pace from the other area pubs.

Austin, TX: Casino El Camino

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We took a recent trip down to Austin, Texas and researched the Bloody Mary scene in anticipation.

We settled on Casino El Camino, both for its appearance on the Food Network and Bloody Mary seemingly teeming with fixin’s.

Casino El Camino is dive bar with a punk-rock vibe located in the popular 6th Street part of the city. We ordered one of their famous burgers and a Bloody and were asked to specify the spiciness of the drink on a scale of 1-10.

El Camino.jpg

Spice: Order on a sliding scale of 1-10!

Mix: They whip it up themselves.

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Bacon was the highlight, but we were disappointed to find that they no longer offered as many fixin’s as had been billed per the Thrillist article we had read. It also had celery, okra, an olive, pickle and an onion.

Price: $Unsure

The drink was decent, but we were were disappointed with the amount of fixin’s that we had seen online prior to our visit (maybe they no longer offer that, or maybe only on certain days?); if we hadn’t seen those photos in advance, we probably would’ve been happier (or pleasantly surprised) with this drink. I guess we had built it up too much in our heads.

The food here was good, but the atmosphere was odd (still had to order and pick up at a window across the bar even for lunch on a random weekday), plus teir fryer was down, so we couldn’t get any fries with that!

So verdict: Decent Bloody Mary all things aside, but next time we’re in Austin, we’ll give another place a shot.