Delafield, WI: Revere’s Wells Street Tavern

Posted: November 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

We recently spent a day shopping in the cute downtown area of Delafield, Wisconsin.

In preparation for the day, we researched lunch spots and bloody marys. Several recommendations on both accounts led us to Revere’s Wells Street Tavern.

Thus, we stopped here for drinks and a bite to eat.


Spice: Not too spicy

Mix: Their own recipe

Chaser: Choice of Taps (we picked Blue Moon)

Fixin’s: Beef stick, pickle, two olives, lemon, lime and cheese whips

Price: $7

We loved the atmosphere in here, an old house with a cozy vibe. We enjoyed our lunch after choosing from a menu with a wide variety of offerings: a turkey wrap and sour cream and chive fries. And most of all, we did love their bloody mary. which was extremely flavorful and had a great number of fixin’s.

If you’re ever in downtown Delafield, we definitely recommend stopping by at least for a drink!

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