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Cheers to 2018!

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Dear Loyal Readers:

We just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a very happy new year!

The past year was a busy one for the folks affiliated with so we hope you understand that we’ve unfortunately had less time to seek out, enjoy and review a ton of new bloodies for you.

Rest assured that one of our new year’s resolutions is to drink more bloodies in 2018 and get them up here on the blog for you in a timely fashion. That’s one resolution I think we can all drink to!

We hope that your 2018 is filled with many happy moments, great memories and bloodies galore!



Photo Dec 25, 11 19 13 AM

Thank you to our friend, Don, who made us a batch of his own personal Bloody Mary mix for Christmas! We hope you’re able to enjoy many a beverage with your own friends and family in 2018.

Over the holidays, we visited Fuel Cafe in Walker’s Point for appetizers and good company.

Although the original location is considered a Milwaukee institution, this visit was our first to either of the Fuel Cafes.

We decided to give their Bloody Mary a go:

Photo Dec 19, 5 52 20 PM

Spice: Not too spicy, but tasty.

Mix: Housemade, with your choice of vodka or blanco tequila

Chaser: Your choice!

Fixin’s: Cheese curds and two olives (although the menu boasts bacon!)

Price: $8

This Bloody Mary was very tasty and we liked the fact that let you choose both your liquor and your chaser (they have a large variety of beers to choose from). The price was reasonable and our only “complaint” is that the menu lists bacon as a fixin’, but clearly our drink missed that memo.

All of the appetizers we enjoyed were delicious and the entrees looked delectable as well. We’ll be back, Fuel Cafe! Put on the bacon!


In the fall, we visited Driftless Glen Distillery in Baraboo, Wisconsin where we had to try the Driftless Bloody.

Photo Nov 24, 2 27 37 PM (1)
Spice: Not too spicy, but tasty.

Mix: Jimmy Luv’s Mix, made with Driftless Glen 80 Proof Vodka

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon, Homemade Pickle, Two Olives, Salted Rim

Price: $10

While we enjoyed our experience at this restaurant, we weren’t overly excited about the Bloody Mary. We are not huge fans of Jimmy Luv’s mix, so that was a poor start. That, coupled with the $10 price point, left a bit to be desired. We did, however, enjoy the bacon and homemade pickle–that was a nice touch, plus the fact that they make their own vodka.

If were to find ourselves back in Baraboo, we’d definitely return to this restaurant, but we’d probably try an alternative cocktail featuring another one of their great spirits.

We recently stumbled upon a great soup and sandwich spot in Wauwatosa called Tosa Bowl & Bun.

An affordable deli with a soup du jour by day, Tosa Bowl and Bun also offers many dinner specials as well as take and bake and catering options.

We were so happy to find a good soup spot in the area and even happier when we realized they publish their daily soup offerings in calendar format online so you can plan ahead.

Those things alone make this a great spot to grab lunch, especially during these trying winter months, but add in the cute decor that is more than a nod to the building’s bowling alley roots (think tables made out of the wood from the lanes) and $4 Bloodies on Saturdays and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Yes, that’s right. Just $4 gets you this:

Photo Dec 16, 2 21 53 PM

Spice: Not too spicy, but tasty.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: A shorty of Miller High Life.

Fixin’s: Two olives

Price: $4 on Saturdays

Now we wouldn’t come here specifically for this Bloody Mary, but we would come here especially for the soups….so if you’re offering a $4 Bloody, who would we be to turn that down? It’s pretty average and low on the fixin’s, which would normally be a hindrance, but at that price point, who can resist a Bloody Mary to pair with their tomato bisque?

We highly recommend you check out Tosa Bowl and Bun–it will become one of your regular lunch spots!