Coronado, CA: Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge

Posted: April 9, 2018 in Uncategorized
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On a recent trip to San Diego, California, we made our way to the beach on Coronado. Following a romp in the sun, we checked out Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge  on Good Friday for a bite to eat and, of course, a Bloody Mary.

First, a word about the poke tacos… San Diego, or Southern California in general, is kind of known for its fish tacos… Many places serve them and it’s really hard to find bad ones there. However, here at Leroy’s, they are poke tacos instead… made with Ahi Tuna, Napa slaw, spicy creme and served in a crispy wonton shell, these tacos still give you that beachy vibe with an Asian flare.

Delicious. 10/10, would recommend. Also, a perfect meal on Good Friday when Catholics should be abstaining from meat.

But then… the Bloody Mary. It’s not just a regular Bloody Mary served at Leroy’s, but a BACON Bloody Mary.

The stats:

Spice: Just the right amount of spice, salted rim.

Mix: Housemade with Bacon-Infused Tito’s Vodka

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Celery, Candied Bacon

Price: $12.50

So, again, Poke Tacos…a good Good Friday choice… a Bacon Bloody Mary presented a great conundrum. After much internal deliberation, we decided that, even in the name of Bloody Mary research, we could not eat the candied bacon; however, we did make an exception for the beverage itself even though the vodka was “bacon-infused.”

The drink was pretty good, although admittedly, probably not worth the price, and you couldn’t beat the resort-town, beachy vibe. We also bet the bacon was delicious, but you’ll have to visit and let us know for yourself!

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