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Our favorite Bloody Mary that we had while in St. Petersburg was the “Hangover Bitch” at a kitschy restaurant called Bacon Bitch. We love us a good themed restaurant and Bacon Bitch did not disappoint. They really leaned into it, but did a good job of not falling in.

Bacon Bitch has locations in the major Florida cities and is known for its variety of breakfast sandwiches and fun beverages. They basically serve brunch all day every day. Of note, one of their signature drinks is the Hangover Bitch:

Spice & Mix: Bloody Bitch Mix

Fixin’s: Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Hash Brown, Fried Egg, Bacon, Olives, Lemon Slice

Chaser: No chaser offered.

Price: $30

While the price for this drink seems steep (probably one of the most expensive ones we’ve ever consumed, tbh), we justified this by looking at the prices of their Bitches and other drinks. Had we ordered a sandwich and a drink separately, we’d probably be paying close to that. Instead, we ordered this behemoth since the drink essentially has your entire brunch on top.

Both the beverage and the fixin’s were top notch and while I still think it was a little pricey for what you get, it’s worth it for the rest of the atmosphere, complete with cheeky servers and all the Instagrammable photo ops.

Not a bloody you’re going to order often, but definitely one to seek out next time youre in Florida!

Thirsty First was ranked high on a couple of lists of St. Pete’s best bloody marys, so we had to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, their online menu did not make it clear that their Roaring 20s Bloody wasn’t served every day for brunch, so the first time we stopped in there to check it out on a Friday, they only offered us a basic bloody mary.

This isn’t atypical of many places who bring out their special bloodies for brunch, but most places state up front that the drink is only available on certain days/times. In this case, it was a nuance… the bloody was listed on their brunch menu; however, they also have a “limited” brunch menu on the weekdays. It just wasn’t clear what that limited menu included. Now we know it doesn’t include this drink.

Anyway, no sweat. We found another great bloody on Friday to tide us over (see our post on Bacon Bitch!) and came back to Thirsty First on Sunday.

Spice & Mix: House made bloody mary mix with black pepper and smoked bacon infused Tito’s vodka

Fixin’s: Waffles, Jalapeno Popper, Fried Shrimp, Chicken Nugget, Peppers, Pickled Egg

Chaser: No chaser offered.

Price: $15

This drink was half the price of the bloody we enjoyed at Bacon Bitch and seemingly had more ingredients on it… however, the quality of this bloody and its ingredients were about half as good as Bacon Bitch’s. The picture looks impressive with its towering mound of food, sure, but it’s also very monochromatic and full of heavy, fried foods for the most part.

The fixins we received were also slightly different than what the menu promised, namely we did not receive buttermilk fried chicken (at least I don’t think that’s what that chicken nugget was supposed to be?), bacon, or celery.

The taste of the bloody itself was also a little too peppery for our liking.

All in all, this bloody sounded good in theory, but we were disappointed in the end. Maybe it’s because the anticipation of returning to the dive bar twice in order to get it, coupled with the 25-minute wait for the drink to arrive once we were there, had us building it up so much in our heads it couldn’t live up to it. Or maybe it was just a sub-par bloody.