Here’s a guest post from my friend, Reba, who also tried Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws from her hometown in Minnesota:

My good friend Caitlin and I share this passion for a beverage called a Bloody Mary. This blog she writes is amazing and make me miss the brief couple years I lived in Milwaukee and could get a great Bloody Mary. I am a true Minnesotan at heart and Caitlin is a true Wisconsinite; although we may have a border battle about some things, the one thing we can agree on is a little garnish that should go in every Bloody Mary: a Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straw.

My motto for going out to eat is simple, no point in ordering an appetizer when you can get a feast in a cup…AKA a Bloody Mary. Simply put, I love them! I have had everything as a garnish in a Bloody Mary from bacon to shrimp to various veggies and all types of cheeses. However, I have yet to experience the joy of a beef stick that also serves a purpose as a straw.  Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straw goes with a Bloody Mary like meatballs go to spaghetti! Seriously, we should all take a moment and go ‘why didn’t I think of that?’, but thank goodness Ben did (see Caitlin’s post earlier about the history of this modern delectable treat). 

I decided not to hog these straws to myself and shared them with my parents this weekend. I made the Bloodies and my mom gave me that look mom’s give when they question your judgment. She tried it and went (use your most offensive MN accent) ‘oooohhh-my-gawd, this is good!’  She then proceeded to forget about the beverage and eat the straw.

Ben I applaud you, the straws are sturdy enough to use as a straw, not offensive with overpowering the Bloody with the beef stick taste, and most of all, delicious! I encourage all bars that want to buy locally in the Midwest to call this guy up and buy these for your bar; your patrons will love you!

If you are anything like my mom and I, the only problem you will have with the beef straw is that it might not make it to the end of your drink, but I guess that is a problem worth having!

Thanks Ben, you have won me over!

Reba (@RebaMN)

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