The Bloody Best, The Nook, Atlanta

Between Christmas and New Year’s, I went on a roadtrip to Atlanta, Georgia. While there, I had the opportunity to sample Bloody Marys from three different establishments.

The first was from The Nook. If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago, I posted a link to what I am calling my “Bloody Mary Bucket List,” a list first published by I have had the three bloodies from Wisconsin on the list and I made sure to take note of the Nook’s for my impending trip.

Thus, I stopped in to the restaurant on Piedmont Park last Saturday afternoon. I had heard that the Bloody, called the Bloody Best, was outrageous, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it’s size—it is 32 OUNCES of beverage…and breakfast … and has been featured on the Today Show and Huffington Post.

From The Nook: “The Bloody Best boasts 32 ounces of awesomeness with Absolut Peppar vodka, our amazing bloody mary mix, a skewer of tots and steak, a skewer of blue cheese stuffed olives and pepperoncinis, a piece of bacon (of course), a hard boiled egg, piece of toast, and a beef straw (not kidding)!”

Of course, the straw is referring to one of Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws, that you heard about here a couple of months ago.

At 32 ounces (6 ounces of which are Vodka) and $18, this is a Bloody built for two (yes, I ended up sharing). The flavor was great (a little spicy with that Peppar!) and the fixin’s were crazy-good (no chaser though).

This would not be my every Sunday Bloody, but if you’re ever in the area, definitely suggest try out the Nook. Was too full to eat there, but did get a side of their famous Totchos. Yes, that’s right—Nachos made of Tater Tots in a variety of styles. You have to taste ‘em to believe me; they’re grr-eat!

Stay tuned for more reviews from the ATL.


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