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Dantanna’s Bloody Mary Bar, Atlanta, GA

While in Atlanta, another Bloody Mary that I tried came from Dantanna’s, an “upscale sports restaurant.” I was there on a Sunday late morning/early afternoon to watch the football games and I was very excited to see that they had a lavish Bloody Mary bar set up when I walked in.

There were multiple kinds of mixes, many different spices and fixin’s like pickles, olives, peppers and celery. Another feature that I enjoyed was the lime juice to dip the rim of your glass in and the sea salt to roll it in.

I used this NFL Sunday opportunity to try two mixes that were new to me:  Whiskey Willy’s and Clamato.

For my first drink, I used Whiskey Willy’s and was conservative on the spices. I think I only added celery salt, a celery stalk, a pickle and olives.

From Willy’s website:”Whiskey Willy’s Bloody Mary mix is an all-natural and gluten-free drink mixer that was actually designed and created by a bartender. This amazing blend of Grade-A tomato paste, California garlic, domestic lemon juice, and other special ingredients is low in calories and sugar, but high on taste! There are no artificial flavors in our Bloody Mary mix; so enjoy it as both a summer snack and a holiday treat.”

It was good, but a pretty standard bloody.

For my second drink, I got a little more bold and went for the Clamato mixed with Old Bay seasoning and the lime/salted rim. I added in the same fixin’s plus horseradish and bleu cheese—yes, bleu cheese. I realize this sounds awful and, I will admit that even I was scared by my seemingly overzealous concoction; however, the result was amazing. Clamato, you have a new fan!

I wouldn’t want to use Clamato every time, but it had a really good fishy taste (which I realize doesn’t appeal to the masses) and I fell in love. The Old Bay was an excellent complement!

I’m not sure what Dantanna’s charges for the Bloody Mary bar 1) because a friend paid for the drinks and 2) because I ordered it with call vodka (Absolut). I would guess that they charged about $9-$10 (no beer chaser).

Definitely a trendy, hip atmosphere to watch the game and a great bloody bar, but as one follower on Twitter immediately pointed out when I tweeted this photo—where are the cured meats?! Honey, you’re not in Wisconsin anymore, I guess!


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