Sobelman’s Bloody Masterpiece Party Pack

I’ve reviewed Sobelman’s Bloody Mary twice now, but what I saw tonight merits another post!

This photo turned up on Facebook (thanks for sharing, Sally!) with this description:

Did you see our “Bloody Masterpiece” Party Pack last night? Here’s the NEW & IMPROVED game-winning version! Won’t you be proud to present this at your Packers party this weekend?

Included are all the fixings to prepare TWELVE of your very own “Bloody Masterpiece”!: Celery, Shrimp, Onion, Cheese, Sausage, Scallion, Mushroom, Brussel Sprout, Pickle, Lemon, Asparagus & Olive…plus Sobelman’s sliders!! (Product is kept cooled until pick up)

Top it off with a bottle of Bloody Mary Mix, a bottle of vodka, cups and all the tools to assemble your own Bloodies all for JUST $50.00! ($75.00 as pictured with Rehorst Vodka).

First impressions from customers have been they wish this was around for Christmas gifts! There’s always next year! Until then there’s Packers Playoff games & a Super Bowl…Brewers tailgates…summer parties…plenty of occasions to enjoy the “Bloody Masterpiece” with your family and friends at your special events!

To reserve your own Party Pack—supplies are limited—call the Pub & Grill at 414-931-1919. Pick up is available Friday & Saturday. DELIVERY is also available to metro Milwaukee on Saturday for a $10 delivery fee.

Regardless of whether you order this weekend we hope you LIKE the idea and that we’ll be on your mind for tailgates, parties and picnics to come!

Well, Sobelman’s, I don’t “like” this idea… I LOVE IT! Perhaps they’ll send a kit my way so I can review it personally for the blog… 🙂

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