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Stoney River Legendary Steaks, Duluth, GA

I just realized I never posted about my third Bloody Mary from my roadtrip over the holidays.

My third Bloody Mary was from Stoney River Legendary Steaks and it was my very last Bloody of 2012 since I had it there on New Year’s Eve.

It was going to be a wine night, but over dinner, the topic of this blog came up and my friend Trey said he would get a Bloody if I did. Of course, I’m always up for a Bloody and steakhouses typically have good ones, so I ordered one.

Unfortunately, it was just okay. Not bad, but not great, as you can see from the description below.

Spice: Not very spicy, but still flavorful.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s:  Lemon, Celery stalk

Price: Unknown

Oh well, there are plenty more good bloodies to be had in 2013!


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