Carnevor’s Bloody Mary

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I recently had the opportunity, or rather, privilege, of dining at Carnevor, an awesome steakhouse in downtown Milwaukee and part of the SURG Restaurant Group.

In my experience, steakhouses have some of the best bloodies around. That insight, coupled with the knowledge that nothing I ordered at Carnevor could possibly be bad, led me to start my culinary journey with this:


Of course, this drink did not let me down. The stats:

Spice: The perfect amount.

Mix: Unsure

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  Three stuffed olives (bleu cheese, garlic) and a lime.

Price: $8

Overall, a very tasty Bloody Mary, but more than that, our dinner was spectacular.

I realize you guys read this blog for my libation opinions and not for my food recommendations, but trust me when I say that Carnevor is a place you need to check out at least once if you’re in the Milwaukee area.

Of course the steaks are amazing, but so were the ravioli and seafood appetizers, my seasonal sea bass special (you had me at pumpkin!) and finally, the S’Mores Dessert, described as “chocolate mousse, graham sponge cake and marshmallow ice cream.”


In fact, I thought it had to be kismet when this article featuring the dessert ran in our local paper the morning of my reservation at the restaurant. I’ve been searching for a dessert to replicate the taste of my favorite campfire treat, but to no avail. (I’ve made S’mores bars, S’mores dip, S’mores cupcakes… you name it.)

Upon seeing the article, I tweeted about it (and that it was going to be my first time visiting the restaurant) and Omar Shaikh, co-owner/President of the Surg Restaurant Group, connected with me on Twitter, promising to make my first experience memorable. And indeed, it was.

From the moment we arrived, the service was impeccable and the food was amazing. I’d like to publicly thank Omar and his staff for truly going above and beyond to make our dining experience a true pleasure. The popularity and reputation of the restaurant is a surely a testament to them.

And the S’mores dessert? Out of this world.


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