Bloody Brooklyn: Char No. 4

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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While in Brooklyn, we also stopped down the street from Clover Club to visit Char No. 4. Char No. 4 is a “whiskey bar & restaurant with a passion for bourbon” and hence, their Bloody Mary was made with—you guessed it—bourbon (which makes it a “Bloody Derby” for those of you scoring at home). 

Mix: Made from scratch with Very Old Barton Bourbon in place of vodka.

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the NYC bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Pickled Carrot


Now this is a unique New York Bloody Mary. I loved the flavor of this beverage. I described it as a cross between an Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary, but in a good way.

As with Clover Club and the rest of Smith Street, the vibe in Char No. 4 was also great—low key with a buzz of trendiness and excitement in the air. Definitely stop here if you get the chance.

  1. evan0172 says:

    Hey, Great Blog! I love Bloody Mary’s too. Check out my Facebook page “Bloody Mary Liberation Party”.. I review Bloodys in Brooklyn and NYC.

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