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On this trip to NYC, we were so ecstatic to finally be able to test out Prune.

Located in New York's East Village, Prune is a popular place for dinner, brunch and bloodies.

Located in New York’s East Village, Prune is a popular place for dinner, brunch and bloodies.


Based on a recommendation from fellow blogger Drunken Tomato and appearing on a number of “Best of” lists, we couldn’t wait to get our lips on one of their many bloody mary offerings—11 to be exact.

Prune Bloody Mary List

On this visit, we enjoyed a Chicago Matchbox with our brunch.

Prune Bloody Mary New York

MIX:  Housemade Lemon Vodka a

CHASER: A “beer back” of Red Stripe was provided. “It’s meant to be consumed between sips of the bloody to cleanse the palate,” our waitress instructed.  Our response: Sips? What are sips? J Ah, a chaser, just like being back at home.

FIXIN’S: Pickled Brussels Sprouts, Baby White Turnips, Caperberries, Green Beans and Radishes

PRICE: $12

We’re happy to report that, even after a 30-minute wait time to get in, Prune lived up to the expectations. The drink was delicious (we wish we could have tried a few of their other varieties!) and the food was amazing as well.

We enjoyed the Monte Cristo during our visit to Prune.

We enjoyed the Monte Cristo during our visit to Prune.

Such a cute and charming little restaurant and one you should definitely make time for when you’re in the City.


Still in Astoria, we headed over to MexiBBQ, which is exactly what it sounds like—a combination Mexican and BBQ joint.  According to their website, “MexiBBQ takes the immense popularity of barbecue joints in New York combined with New Yorkers’ intense love of Mexican cuisine, and features barbecue favorites with a Mexican accent.”

This place had also come up in our best bloody mary searches, so while our primary objective was to grab lunch, we couldn’t very well leave without testing out the bloody as well.

MexiBBQ Bloody Mary

MIX:  Unknown

CHASER: None offered.



They get bonus points for the salt/spice on the rim of the glass, but other than that, there really wasn’t a lot that stood out to us about this one. The food, however, was a different story.

MexiBBQ Fish Tacos

We thoroughly enjoyed our grilled fish tacos and there were quite a few other items that looked intriguing as well.We’ll be back, but next time, we’re eyeing up the margaritas and/or sangria.

On a recent visit to New York, we found ourselves in Astoria. Naturally, we had to check out the best bloody mary in the area. Per the interwebs, that spot would be Daly’s Pub.

Daly's Pub New York

Kate, our very friendly bartender, gladly whipped one up for us and chatted for a bit.

The recipe that Daly’s uses, she told us, came from a former bartender, who came up with just the right combination of spices to land them top billing. According to Kate, that bartender also used to bring fixin’s, such as shrimp to garnish the drinks.

Daly's Pub Bloody Mary

MIX: Sacramento Tomato Juice is the base

CHASER: None offered.

FIXIN’S: Lemon


This bloody was quite flavorful—you could taste the horseradish and Worcestershire—and knowing how much we love Sacramento, you could probably already guess we enjoyed it. It’s also quite charming that this bar does not serve food, but they have baskets of Doritos on the bar, a surprisingly good compliment to the bloody. Thanks so much for your hospitality, Daly’s!

While in New York last week, we had the chance to try the Bloody Mary at Cafe Luxembourg, a classic French-American bistro on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Cafe Luxembourg

Mix: I’m guessing homet had a lot of spices in it (horseradish, pepper, etc.) but wasn’t overly spicy-tasting.

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: One lemon

Price: $12.50

The food here was very good (we stopped by mid-morning) and the Bloody was flavorful yet nothing special (especially for the price).

I would recommend dining here, but skip the Bloody and try something else.

Last January, when I was in New York, I visited the “o-fish-ial” Packers bar, Kettle of Fish, in Greenwich Village.

Even though I liked the bar itself and the folks there were plenty friendly, at the time I wrote: “I couldn’t help thinking that a Packers bar might have a Bloody Mary up to Wisconsin standards… no such luck. This Bloody Mary was flavorful, but severely lacking in “fixin’s”-no olives were harmed in the making of this beverage!”

I even had a chat with the owner, Patrick Daley, who was working at the bar the day we stopped in and encouraged him to bring Midwest-style Bloodies out to New York, but he said he had tried but it wasn’t successful.

In follow up to that visit, I stayed in touch with Patrick. We connected when he visited Milwaukee this past summer and I let him know when I was back in NYC in June (although I didn’t have the chance to go back to Kettle that time) and that I was coming in November.

When we arrived at the bar on a Monday, right before the Happy Hour rush, Patrick was not there, but they were ready for us. He knew we were coming and had set aside cheese and sausage specifically for us!


I couldn’t believe it! This just shows you the kind of people the owners of this bar are–completely above and beyond.

“Well, you complained there weren’t any fixin’s last time,” they said.

Which, is indeed true, but not uncommon of elsewhere in NYC.

Kettle’s original Bloody Mary by itself was quite flavorful and good. This was just icing on the cake, or, I should say “fixin’s on the Bloody.” (Note: Not everyone should expect to receive this version, we feel really special!)

Kettle of Fish

Thank you so much to Kettle of Fish for giving us a little piece of home while in New York. We have spread the word to everyone we know that they have to visit Kettle of Fish while in NYC.

Kettle of Fish


Also, in case you missed it, as fate would have it, right before our trip, the local paper published an article on Kettle of Fish. I encourage you to check it out and then check out the Kettle itself next time you’re in NYC!

Thanks again, Patrick & Co.! We love you guys!

The St. Regis Hotel, the birthplace of the Bloody Mary), is celebrating the drink’s 80th birthday this year!

You can now buy their mix in a bottle and a Bloody Mary Book.



For our review of our pilgrimage to the St. Regis in NYC, click here.

Lobster Joint in Brooklyn is one of those places that appears on several Bloody Mary “lists” and I had been trying to make it here for quite some time.

I was very pleased to finally check it out.

Lobster Joint Bloody Mary

What makes this Bloody Mary unique is the lobster claw as a fixin’ (hence its name: “Lobster Claw Bloody Mary”). It also has celery, olives and a pickle.

Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Lemon, 2 Olives, Celery, Pickle and Lobster Claw

Price: $11

Unlike B&B, this Bloody Mary lived up to the hype. And-bonus! The food here was amazing. Very fresh and tasty. Come hungry!


I found myself at Grand Central Station around dinner time one night in New York.

I’d always heard about the famous Oyster Bar there (it even appeared in an episode of one of my favorite shows, Mad Men) but the last couple of times I was in the city, I either didn’t make it there or it was closed for construction.

Thus, I was very excited to realize I could stop there for a bite.

I actually was not planning on ordering a Bloody Mary here, but when the bartender told me Bloody Mary Oyster shooters were a Happy Hour special, I couldn’t turn that down.


Oyster Bar Grand Central Station Bloody mary


So, not quite an actual Bloody Mary, but something new to try that was Bloody-related. The mix was tasty and homemade and went down in one smooth swig with the oyster for just $5. Cheers!

On a recent trip to New York City, I stopped at B&B Winepub, otherwise known as Burger & Barrel.

As you may be aware, I’ve visited New York and tried many Bloody Marys there in my day.

New York is one of those places where you could eat at a different establishment for every meal of every day for the rest of your life and still not get through half of them. Thus, I’ve been relying on “Best of” or “Top 10” lists in my research to help me seek out the best Bloodies in the city.

B&B was one of the Bloody Marys that was cross-checked (i.e. it appeared on several lists, so it must be good), so I headed there.

Most recently, it was even featured on Zagat’s 10 Essential Bloody Marys in NYC list….where it said they had a Bloody Mary Menu.

Burger and Barrel New York


I’ve picked up many tips in my quest to find the perfect Bloody, one of them being:  When you say to the bartender, “I hear you have a good Bloody Mary here” and he or she doesn’t light up like the sky on the Fourth of July, you should be wary.

In this case, I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment when I said this to my bartender and he said, “Sure.” And he made me the one pictured above, which is pretty standard.

After sitting there for a bit, I struck up more of a conversation. I told him I had come to B&B specifically for the great Bloody Marys I had read about. He still seemed like he didn’t know what I was talking about. Then he said something about having one that was made with Tequila… but this didn’t show up on a menu anywhere, nor was it originally offered.

Anyway, needless to say even though this Bloody was perfectly fine, I was bummed because I was expecting it to be perfectly great.

Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, 2 Olives

Price: $11


Our last Bloody Mary was had at the historic Algonquin Hotel, a New York—and literary—landmark.

From literary gatherings and cabaret singers to the creation of the New Yorker magazine, many movers and shakers have graced the halls of the hotel for over 100 years (it opened in 1902). 

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. John Barrymore. Gertrude Stein. SImone de Beauvoir. Helen Hayes. Erica Jones. Maya Angelou. Sinclar Lewis. Derek Walcott. William Faulkner. They’ve all added to the mystique that is the Algonquin.

Throw in a Round Table and a resident cat and you’ve got a spot which just radiates with creative energies.

We sat in the Algonquin Lobby (there is also a Blue Bar and Round Table Restaurant). Here, I indulged in my most expensive drink of the trip—a $20 Bloody Mary.

Mix: Homemade; per the menu: Svedka, tomato juice, lemon juice, worcestershire and tobasco

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the NYC bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Three olives, two lemons, celery


This Bloody Mary had decent flavor, but definitely wasn’t worth the price; however, I knew I was paying more for the atmosphere (and maybe Matilda’s litter and food?) than anything else. 

But that’s okay, that’s one of the things you do when you’re in New York. Besides, the company was excellent. Next time I’m here (and there will be a next time), I’ll try a signature cocktail, like the Matilda.