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Our last Bloody Mary was had at the historic Algonquin Hotel, a New York—and literary—landmark.

From literary gatherings and cabaret singers to the creation of the New Yorker magazine, many movers and shakers have graced the halls of the hotel for over 100 years (it opened in 1902). 

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. John Barrymore. Gertrude Stein. SImone de Beauvoir. Helen Hayes. Erica Jones. Maya Angelou. Sinclar Lewis. Derek Walcott. William Faulkner. They’ve all added to the mystique that is the Algonquin.

Throw in a Round Table and a resident cat and you’ve got a spot which just radiates with creative energies.

We sat in the Algonquin Lobby (there is also a Blue Bar and Round Table Restaurant). Here, I indulged in my most expensive drink of the trip—a $20 Bloody Mary.

Mix: Homemade; per the menu: Svedka, tomato juice, lemon juice, worcestershire and tobasco

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the NYC bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Three olives, two lemons, celery


This Bloody Mary had decent flavor, but definitely wasn’t worth the price; however, I knew I was paying more for the atmosphere (and maybe Matilda’s litter and food?) than anything else. 

But that’s okay, that’s one of the things you do when you’re in New York. Besides, the company was excellent. Next time I’m here (and there will be a next time), I’ll try a signature cocktail, like the Matilda.