New York: Burger & Barrel

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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On a recent trip to New York City, I stopped at B&B Winepub, otherwise known as Burger & Barrel.

As you may be aware, I’ve visited New York and tried many Bloody Marys there in my day.

New York is one of those places where you could eat at a different establishment for every meal of every day for the rest of your life and still not get through half of them. Thus, I’ve been relying on “Best of” or “Top 10” lists in my research to help me seek out the best Bloodies in the city.

B&B was one of the Bloody Marys that was cross-checked (i.e. it appeared on several lists, so it must be good), so I headed there.

Most recently, it was even featured on Zagat’s 10 Essential Bloody Marys in NYC list….where it said they had a Bloody Mary Menu.

Burger and Barrel New York


I’ve picked up many tips in my quest to find the perfect Bloody, one of them being:  When you say to the bartender, “I hear you have a good Bloody Mary here” and he or she doesn’t light up like the sky on the Fourth of July, you should be wary.

In this case, I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment when I said this to my bartender and he said, “Sure.” And he made me the one pictured above, which is pretty standard.

After sitting there for a bit, I struck up more of a conversation. I told him I had come to B&B specifically for the great Bloody Marys I had read about. He still seemed like he didn’t know what I was talking about. Then he said something about having one that was made with Tequila… but this didn’t show up on a menu anywhere, nor was it originally offered.

Anyway, needless to say even though this Bloody was perfectly fine, I was bummed because I was expecting it to be perfectly great.

Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, 2 Olives

Price: $11


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