Astoria, New York: Daly’s Pub

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized
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On a recent visit to New York, we found ourselves in Astoria. Naturally, we had to check out the best bloody mary in the area. Per the interwebs, that spot would be Daly’s Pub.

Daly's Pub New York

Kate, our very friendly bartender, gladly whipped one up for us and chatted for a bit.

The recipe that Daly’s uses, she told us, came from a former bartender, who came up with just the right combination of spices to land them top billing. According to Kate, that bartender also used to bring fixin’s, such as shrimp to garnish the drinks.

Daly's Pub Bloody Mary

MIX: Sacramento Tomato Juice is the base

CHASER: None offered.

FIXIN’S: Lemon


This bloody was quite flavorful—you could taste the horseradish and Worcestershire—and knowing how much we love Sacramento, you could probably already guess we enjoyed it. It’s also quite charming that this bar does not serve food, but they have baskets of Doritos on the bar, a surprisingly good compliment to the bloody. Thanks so much for your hospitality, Daly’s!

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