Welcome to Atlanta: There Bar at Towne Brookhaven

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Okay, now this is more like it.

On a recommendation from a friend who lives in the area, I trekked (literally) to There Bar at Towne Brookhaven. (Where? There!)

There Bar Atlanta

“There” I fell in love with this quaint little gastropub. I was the only person in the place at the time of my visit and sat down at the bar. The bartender was very friendly and even plugged in my phone for me while I dined. She was delighted to make this signature Bloody Mary for me:

There Bar Bloody Mary

Yes, that’s BACON on the Bloody! And some okra for southern flair. Delicious. The food was great, too. This isn’t a place you’d normally find as a tourist because it’s off the beaten path, but trust me on this one. Good times to be had “There.” Cheers!

Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Bacon, Okra, Pickle, Olive

Price: $7.50

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