Janesville: Cursing Stone Pub at Glen Erin Golf Club

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I had the chance to play at one of my favorite golf courses a couple of weeks ago–Glen Erin in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Following the round, a friend of mine bought me a Bloody Mary at the 19th hole, a great bar/restaurant called Cursing Stone Pub.

Cursing Stone Pub

Mix: Homemade with Sacramento Tomato Juice


Fixin’s: Olives, Cheese, Beef Stick

Price: ~$5

This was a very tasty Bloody Mary and I enjoyed it very much alongside their homemade potato chips.

If you’re ever looking for a course to play in the Janesville area, be sure to check out Glen Erin and stop in for a drink afterwards!

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