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There is a new restaurant that opened just a couple of weeks ago in Milwaukee called Story Hill BKC (Bottle Kitchen Cup). I was very excited to try this restaurant as it is relatively close to home and even closer to my day job.

I found myself with an afternoon off and stopped in there for lunch; when I found out they also served mixed drinks and had a Bloody Mary on the menu, I decided to try that out as well:

Story Hill BKC Bloody Mary



Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Pickle, Celery

Price: $9

The Bloody Mary was the highlight of our meal, but at $9 is quite pricey for what you receive as far as fixin’s, in my opinion.

The mix tasted especially fresh and had a nice kick to it. If it was $2-3 less, I could see myself stopping in here for a Happy Hour once in awhile.

As for the rest of the experience: The establishment, at least inside, is adorable; it has a light, airy feel to it and you can tell they spent a lot of time and care in building and decorating it. It seems like a place where I could sit and drink coffee and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

The menu is a little eclectic and I’m not sure how well it will do in this area butted up against bars and next door to the stark juxtaposition of “Fat Valdy’s.” Like the bloodies, the rest of the menu is priced on the higher side in my opinion, especially when considering portion size.

My dining companion and I each ordered a salad and it was small and missing some advertised ingredients. We let our server know and hope they are just working out the kinks.

I really would love to see this place thrive in this area and I’m hopeful that they will make appropriate adjustments as they get more comfortable with their clientele, as I would really like to have some options outside of fast, pub and chain food in the area.

I have been in Lake Geneva a couple times in the past month and I had the chance to check out Popeye’s, which claims to have the best Bloody Mary:

Popeyes Bloody mary


Mix: Homemade, with a citrus vodka


Fixin’s: Lemon, Pickle, Olive

Price: $9

It looks like they offer a couple of other variations on their menu, but I decided I had to try the classic. It wasn’t bad, but I definitely wouldn’t say this Bloody Mary was the best I’ve ever had, or even in my Top 10. It was also served in a plastic glass, which bothered me for some reason.

Next time I’m in Lake Geneva, I’ll give another place a shot.


I recently visited an establishment called Between the Greens in Saukville, Wisconsin where I was pleasantly surprised by their very tasty Bloody Marys with a full beer chaser:

Between the Greens


Mix: Homemade

Chaser:Yes, it appears their special on Sundays is a FULL CAN of Miller Lite.

Fixin’s: Pickle, mushroom, olive, brussels sprout, cheese, beefstick

Price: $7.50

I believe their special on Sundays is this tasty Bloody Mary with a full can of Miller Lite as a chaser–this may not be an everyday occurrence, but the Bloody was quite good and I’d stop back here again if I found myself in the area.


September 2015 Update:

We stopped back here on a Thursday afternoon and, while the bloody mary did not come with the full can of Miller Lite like their Sunday special, the Bloody Mary itself was still pretty great.

Many of the same fixin’s, plus the addition of a pickled egg, a first for us in a Bloody Mary:

Between the Greens Bloody Mary