San Diego, CA: Cafe 21

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And last but certainly not least on the trip to San Diego…Cafe 21.

Oh my gosh… I don’t even know where to begin.

First of all, another Bloody Mary MENU here. Decisions, decisions. Since I’ve had a green Bloody Mary before and the others looked kinda tame, I went for the Ol’ Yello’ Mary.


However, I didn’t realize how big the “Grilled Multi-Cheese Sandwich Skewer” would be when I ordered it.

After I ordered my drink, I asked the bartender what he would recommend for dinner. He talked me into the Turkey Burger and I put that order in. Then the drink arrived.

Needless to say, by the time my actual meal arrived, I was pretty full. The bartender came back to check on me, my burger virtually untouched.

“You don’t like your burger?” he questioned.

“Oh no, it’s delicious! I’m just really full…”

The bartender began apologizing effusively, saying he should have let me know how much was on the Bloody Mary, or steered me in a different direction after I ordered it. I told him it was not his fault at all. I was just content. A delicious Bloody Mary and a great dinner.

But he wouldn’t have any of it, insisting on taking money off of my check for it. I was floored. Again-is everyone nice in San Diego?

Cafe 21

Mix: Homemade with YELLOW Heirloom Tomato Mix and fresh horseradish

Chaser: No

Fixin’s: Veggies galore (cucumber, radish, olive, pepper, carrot, etc.) and a “Grilled Multi-Cheese Sandwich Skewer” which was more like a full sandwich if you ask me!

Price: $15

My favorite Bloody Mary in San Diego! Thrillist ranked Small Bar, which I did not go to and Great Maple before this one, but for me, this was the best, followed by Bier Garden on Encinitas; however, it would seem that you cannot go wrong when ordering a Bloody in San Diego!

UPDATE: 9/30/15:

We found ourselves back in San Diego and made a beeline for Cafe 21 (seriously, our hotel room wasn’t ready yet so we headed straight there from the airport). This time, we  tried the California Greenin’ and it did not disappoint:

Cafe 21 Bloody Mary

We also squeezed in another visit to try the Prawn Star…This one was still good, but was our least favorite, most likely because it felt like we were being watched:

Cafe 21 Prawn Star Bloody Mary

All kidding aside, their house red mix was flavorful, but we preferred the yellow mix the best. We also saw another patron order a “regular” bloody mary while we were there and that one looked divine. If you’re going to try a red mix bloody at Cafe 21 and aren’t a huge fan of prawns, that one looks like a winner as well. Cheers!

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