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This weekend, we stopped at Walters’ on North to sample their Bloody Mary.

We’ve been here before, but have never reviewed this drink.

When ordering, we were asked if we wanted it spicy, medium or mild. I chose medium…but I’d hate to see what spicy tastes like. I could barely finish a quarter of my drink–the horseradish and hot sauce were so potent.


Mix:Homemade-you could definitely taste the horseradish and hot sauce!


Fixin’s: Summer Sausage, Cheese, Pickle and Olive

Price: $?

I must admit, I was not a fan of this drink.

And, although the people here are friendly and there is definitely that neighborhood pub vibe, I’m also not a fan of the interior of this bar. With carpeting on the floors and that lingering smoke smell from over from 2010 when the smoking ban went into effect, I feel more like I’m in someone’s basement than a pub where I’d like to spend a lot of time. Compared to the other bars on North Avenue, Walters is very dated and in need of renovation. I felt the same way about Shepherd’s before it became Red Dot and now that’s one of my favorite places to go.

Over the weekend, we stopped for Bloody Marys at McBob’s Pub & Grill.

We had heard they had a special Bloody Mary on their menu. They call it the “Bloody Dew,” although Bloodies made with Irish Whiskey are typically called a “Bloody Molly.”

However, when we first bellied up to the bar and placed our order for Bloody, they started preparing it with vodka; fortunately, we realized this right away and inquired. “Don’t you have a special Bloody Mary made with whiskey?” we asked.

“Yes,” he said.

Again, not sure why special bloodies aren’t offered when a regular Bloody Mary is ordered. Perhaps the bartenders assume we know what we’re doing, or have looked at the menu, or maybe they even expect us to know their “secret.” But I just don’t understand why they don’t take the time to clarify or promote their specialty.



Anyway, this time, the crisis was averted and we got what we came for:

Mix:Homemade–with Tullamore Dew!


Fixin’s: Beefstick, cheese, olive, spicy pickle

Price: $7.25

This Bloody Dew was quite good, the whiskey warming you up from the inside a way you don’t quite get with vodka.

I do recall having this drink at the East Town’s Heat it Up event last year. There, it was served with a mini reuben.

If you haven’t already guessed, McBob’s is an Irish pub. It’s kind of off the beaten track and has an eclectic but passionate clientele. I haven’t eaten here, but I’m told their reubens as well as their burritos are fantastic.  In fact, I think the mini reuben in the drink should be a staple.