Milwaukee, WI: Zak’s Cafe

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The Walker’s Point area of Milwaukee is blowing up with great restaurant/bar options and Zak’s Cafe is no exception.

I had recently dined at Zak’s for lunch and was disappointed that I was unable to try their Bloody Mary at that time (it was a working lunch).

However, when looking for a place to have dinner last Friday, I remembered how good Zak’s was and our group stopped in there. Amid the comfort foods that Zak’s is known for (Chicken and Dumplings, Meat Loaf, Mac N’ Cheese), they also have an excellent drink menu.

I finally ordered my Bloody Mary and was told that there was a “Ranch” option. So, I tried that first:

Zaks Cafe Ranch Bloody Mary


Then, for my second drink, I tried their original Bloody Mary:

Zaks Cafe Bloody Mary


Here is a combined rating for both of these options.

Mix:Homemade. The ranch one did not really taste like “ranch” to me (Did they use a powdered mix? A dab of dressing? The world may never know), but it was my favorite. Very flavorful. The original Bloody must have been made with a heavy hand on either A1 Sauce or Worcesterchire Sauce.


Fixin’s: Both inlcuded: Lemon, Pickle, Celery and Beef Stick. The ranch version included a piece of cheese and an olive and the original had a carrot.

Price: $?

Zak’s is a cute little place in an up and coming area. I would definitely return here again and I can’t wait to try out other restaurants in the area!

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