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We checked out the new Drink Wisconsinbly Pub in Walker’s Point. As the name suggests, everything here has a Wisconsin flair. And, since we’ve proven that the best Bloody Marys come from the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular, one would imagine a place like this would have a great one.

You would not be wrong.

Drink Wisconsinbly Bloody

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: yes

Fixin’s: Cheese, olive, sausage, lemon, lime

Price: $10

Sometimes on the weekend, they will have “Bloody Marys keep the glass” for $12, which would be worth it as this mason jar style glass is super cute. Wish we would’ve been there for that!

The food here is also very Wisconsin and very good. Think hearty, meaty, cheesy fare. We had a burger and fries, plus we got to pick our dipping sauce. There are currently five different sauces on the menu and you can get a sauce flight if you’re so inclined. (We went with beer cheese!)

I recommend you check this place out and give their Bloody–and food–a try!




Back in Milwaukee, we checked out Camino and tried their Bloody Mary.


Mix: Homemade


Fixin’s: Cheese, pickle, olive

Price: $8

We really enjoyed the taste of this Bloody Mary, as well as the fixin’s and the chaser. The food here was great, too.

I recommend you check this place out and give their Bloody a try!




The Walker’s Point area of Milwaukee is blowing up with great restaurant/bar options and Zak’s Cafe is no exception.

I had recently dined at Zak’s for lunch and was disappointed that I was unable to try their Bloody Mary at that time (it was a working lunch).

However, when looking for a place to have dinner last Friday, I remembered how good Zak’s was and our group stopped in there. Amid the comfort foods that Zak’s is known for (Chicken and Dumplings, Meat Loaf, Mac N’ Cheese), they also have an excellent drink menu.

I finally ordered my Bloody Mary and was told that there was a “Ranch” option. So, I tried that first:

Zaks Cafe Ranch Bloody Mary


Then, for my second drink, I tried their original Bloody Mary:

Zaks Cafe Bloody Mary


Here is a combined rating for both of these options.

Mix:Homemade. The ranch one did not really taste like “ranch” to me (Did they use a powdered mix? A dab of dressing? The world may never know), but it was my favorite. Very flavorful. The original Bloody must have been made with a heavy hand on either A1 Sauce or Worcesterchire Sauce.


Fixin’s: Both inlcuded: Lemon, Pickle, Celery and Beef Stick. The ranch version included a piece of cheese and an olive and the original had a carrot.

Price: $?

Zak’s is a cute little place in an up and coming area. I would definitely return here again and I can’t wait to try out other restaurants in the area!

Last weekend, I had the fortune to dine at the lovely tapas restaurant in Walker’s Point: La Merenda.

Even though I was there for dinner, I was craving a Bloody Mary, so I asked if they had a good one.

“It’s a bit unusual,” the barkeep told me.

My ears perked up.

“We use the sauce for our Patatas Bravas,” he said. I was intrigued. I ordered one. And then another…

La Merenda Bloody Mary


Mix: Homemade (See above).


Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime and Olive.

Note: I had three of these (don’t judge) and each time, I got an extra olive, so 1=1, 2=2, 3=3. Not sure if it was a different bartender on duty or they were keeping tabs!

Price: $5, on a Friday night, even.


Tonight I had dinner at The Noble, a relatively new restaurant in Walker’s Point, a very tiny restaurant where the menu changes weekly and they do not take reservations.

While that sounds like a recipe for disaster,the eccelectically decorated space has a very homey feel to it, a place where you’d like to go and linger over your dinner (which I did tonight).

Of course, I was thrilled to find they have not one, but three different Bloody Marys on their menu:

I tried the Afternoon Tea and I love that they took liberties with my beloved Bloody!

I’m not a purist when it comes to the Bloody Mary, I think places SHOULD put their own spin on it, so this was very much welcomed.

Spice: Not very spicy.

Mix: Homemade, I think.

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Beet, Kalamata Olive, Cauliflower, Garlic Clove, Lemon & Lime

Price: Approx $9

I highly recommend that you check out this place while it is still a relatively well-kept secret; I bet come late summer there will be a long wait to get in. I also hear the Monday Brunch is amazing!