Camp Bar: Wauwatosa

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Earlier this year, we visited  Camp Bar in Shorewood in advance of their opening a second location in Wauwatosa. We enjoyed their Bloody Mary and eagerly anticipated the opening of the Tosa establishment.

It took us over two weeks to get in–each time we thought about heading to Camp Bar, we found it overflowing with folks eager to try out the newest place on North Avenue. While we were happy to see them doing brisk business, we didn’t want to squeeze in at the bar or bump elbows with our neighbors for our first experience there, so we stealthily waited until a Packers Bye Week and headed over to check it out.

There, we had our pick of tables, the chance to sample the Bloody Mary and the opportunity to speak to Brad, the manager for a bit.

Camp Bar Bloody Mary Wauwatosa

Yes, I can now confirm: East Tosa is getting another great Bloody Mary to join the ranks of Juniper 61, Red Dot and the like!

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: Yes–a Rhinelander Shorty!

Fixin’s: Cheese, pickle, asparagus, olive, beefstick, pepperoni

Price: $8 (They also have a 22oz version for $10; they are $6.50 and $8 respectively on Sundays)

While chatting about Bloody Marys, Brad convinced me to try one of their Specialties as well. While their Bloodies are good, Brad admits their Old Fashioneds are really what they pride themselves on. Indeed, they have several special “Signature” versions on their menu.

I tried “The Stevie…” Ginger Brandy and Orange Bitters… out of this world! All old-fashioneds are $5 on Fridays, so you can guess what day I’ll be coming back next time!

Camp Bar


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