Great Lakes Distillery: Milwaukee’s Largest Bloody Mary Event

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday was the annual “Milwaukee Largest Bloody Mary” event at Great Lakes Distillery.

This was the fifth year for this event, and the fifth year for me attending it as well. Each year, there are more and more people attending, which is a great sign.

This year, admission to the event was free and a donation of food to Hunger Task Force was encouraged (you received raffle tickets).

For $5,  you got to enjoy part of a 100 gallon Bloody Mary made with Rehorst  Vodka. You could add your own hot sauce, olives and lemon and/or lime. This year, they did not specify the mix (in the past, Jimmy Luv’s has been a partner) and Klement’s was not involved either, which was a change.

However, for $3 more, you got a trip to the garnish bar which included the following:

IMG_7660 IMG_7661


Of COURSE we went to the garnish bar! Here’s the finished product, which also included pickled grapes and a pickled egg (with beets!):IMG_7662

Needless to say, the Bloodies were flowing and they were awesome!

Attendees could also buy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at the event and try gumbo and oysters.

In addition to the donations of food, all proceeds from the event benefit the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee.

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